MyLIFTER Robot Pulley Gets The Job Done


This gadget is a must just like the best transmission jack. There are people who organize by putting things on shelves… and then there are people who organize, by creating a place for everything, no matter how awkwardly shaped, heavy, or weird it is. These are people who can probably use a robotic pulley operated by a smartphone. Enter My LIFTER!

Bot, Do You Even Lift?

Mechanically speaking, MyLIFTER is pretty simple; it’s a pulley, a technology we’ve used for thousands of years to lift large, heavy boxes into the air and then drop them on other things, usually zombies. But the MyLIFTER is a great pulley, not least because it does all the work. And it’s small, discrete, and heavy-duty to boot.

Lift Behind

MyLIFTER is roughly the size of a fist; 3″ by 4.5″ by 4.5″. It’s designed that way to be easy to install; just pick a sturdy place to install the system, drill a few holes, sink a few screws, and you’re done. Despite its tiny size, it packs a 25 foot stainless steel cable, perfect for all those jobs where, well, you need a stainless steel cable. And it’s got a lot of oomph to it; one myLIFTER is rated for up to 50 pounds of hauling. And best of all, it’s a precise tool.

Sink To The Same Level

The app MyLIFTER comes with is designed to make, say, putting your kayak on a roof rack easy. Once you’ve lowered it onto a car, you just save the height, and your MyLIFTER keeps that stored in memory. It’s a lot less aggravating than trying to slowly lower something valuable onto something with an expensive insurance policy you’d like to keep the premiums down on.

If you want this little storage wonder, though, you’re going to have to pay… well, not much, actually. Currently MyLIFTER is $75 for early birds on the Kickstarter, but there are plenty of deals to be had if you miss out.

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Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.

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