Mundi Wallets Review

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Updated June 28, 2022
96 Expert Rating

Mundi Wallets make a valiant effort to be one of the Best Cool Wallets due to its healthy selection of finishes you can choose from. Open it up, and you’ll find it also shares many features with the Best Travel Wallet, like over a dozen card slots and a place for your smartphone, among other storage spaces.

Why We Like It – Mundi Wallets

Mundi Wallets are for those who love organizing their wallets in neat little compartments. It handles passports, smartphones, over a dozen credit cards, and even has hidden compartments.

  • Stores cards, money, and smartphone
  • Healthy choice of graphics/colors
  • Great price
  • Bulky


When you step away from the plain, black Mundi Wallets, you’ll find it has over a dozen different colors and graphics to choose from. It’s such a relief to see chic and fashionable designs, unlike the Samsonite Wallet, though not all are home runs. The camo design, for example, looks god awful, whereas the “RealTree” graphic is cute.


Mundi Wallets might look like genuine leather, but they’re faux leather. On the bright side, faux leather is far more durable than real leather. It’s more resilient against scratching, peeling, cracking, and weathering.


How it handles traveling needs is where it shines. It’s long enough to fit not only passports but also smartphones. You don’t get that with the Kipling Wallet. It has slightly more card slots (13 altogether) and hidden compartments for additional cash or hiding important documents. You even get two designated areas for IDs.

Size & Versatility

Mundi Wallets measure 7.5″ x 4″ x 1.25″ in size, so if you were hoping to slide it into your pocket, this isn’t the wallet for you. The Travando Wallet is slim and minimalist but lacks the ability to be a genuine travel wallet. That’s why Mundi Wallets are far more versatile.


With all the features Mundi Wallets offer, you’d think it would come with an overly ridiculous price—but that’s not the case! In fact, it’s perfectly priced at $30. Finding a wallet that’s better looking and has an equal number of features is going to be tough, not without something being sacrificed. So yes, it has fantastic value. For a cheaper option and a masculine wallet, the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet for Men is your better choice.

Mundi Wallets Wrap Up

Mundi Wallets might just be one of the best wallets for traveling. It offers so much in a relatively small amount of space while tossing style into the mix. You get over a dozen card slots and several pouches for money, additional cards, change, IDs, passports, and even a smartphone. The best part is the $30 price tag.

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