Multiplayer “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” Zombie Mode Details Revealed (video)


It’s no secret that we’ve long been fans of Call of Duty.  Black Ops II will arrive next month, and we just got additional deets on the always highly anticipated multiplayer mode.  But we’re not talking about the traditional multiplayer, we’re referring to the Zombie Mode, which first made its debut in World at War.

Zombie mode has now matured into a much more robust game.  So much so that it would seem that it is no longer an “add on”, but a bigger part of the COD picture.  That being said, in the past, Zombie mode was only supported by the single player engine, and didn’t allow for stat counting and leaderboards, or at least that is according to Penny Arcade.

In this iteration of Call of Duty, Zombie mode is divided by three different types of game play.  There is of course what we’d call the traditional Zombie Mode, otherwise known as Survival.  You and up to four players (or by yourself) must survive wave after wave of attacks.  Needless to say, each wave becomes stronger, faster, and more powerful.  With it should come better upgrades and all the things you’ve come to expect.

New to Black Ops II is a mode called Tranzit.  It’s described as a sort of sandbox mode, otherwise known as an expansive world.  Don’t expect single player level detail, but it does include a story into the game, unlike the aforementioned survival mode.   It looks like you’ll travel to different areas of the map.  And as you do you’ll be able to acquire what appears to junked car parts and those alike to build offensive or defensive weapons, such as a riot shield, as detailed in the above video.

Another new mode is Grief.  It’s an odd name, but that aside sounds interesting.  This mode appears to be an amalgamation of survival mode, except instead of one faction of humans, there are two: CIA and CDC.  You’ll work together to take down hordes of Zombies, but as soon as you beat them back, you’ll need to sabotage your human opponent’s success in order to win.

So as you can tell the details are still a bit sparse, which is anything but the case with new zombie modes found in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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