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As one of the est ebikes for heavy riders the Muller E Bike is the best bike for a 350 lbs person, thanks to an ultra-powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor that can easily accommodate 300 pounds and above.

Why We Like It – Muller E Bike

The Muller E Bike is a durably designed bike with a good maximum load capacity, including a comfortable gel saddle and dual Bosch batteries for a maximum range of 130 miles.

  • Dual battery system for increased range
  • Comfortable Selle Royal Sport Gel saddle
  • Magura rear and front ABS disc brakes
  • Extremely expensive

Durability & Build Quality

Many also loved the comfortable Selle Royal Sport Gel saddle and the efficient and safe Magura rear and front ABS disc brakes. While the high-volume tires can take out some of the bumps, there’s also an SR SunTour Aion 34 air full suspension fork with 100mm of travel to catch the bigger bumps and a Thudbuster seatpost that does a great job of taking the rest of the bumps from the rear. That amount of damping makes a massive distance if you’re going to be doing long rides.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

It can be set up with a Bosch Performance Line CX, the same one used in e-MTBs, which provides more torque but cuts assist at 20 mph, making it a Class 1 e-bike. The other motor offered is a Performance Line Speed motor that goes to 28 mph, making it a Class 3 bike. Drivetrain choices vary from a chain and gears to a belt drive system and either an Enviolo CVT rear hub or at the higher end, a Rohloff electronic 14-speed rear hub.

Range & Battery

This is the best electric bike for a 300 lb man, and woman, thanks to the inclusion of dual Bosch PowerTube batteries, allowing for an outstanding 130 miles of use before needing to recharge a good distance longer then competitors like the Ariel Rider Ebike can manage.

Safety features

The IQ-X headlight is fantastically bright and can be used at night to see and in daylight to be seen. The taillight is bright enough to be seen, but people do wish that it would have a brake light function and get brighter on braking when considering the price compared to other cargo bikes.


This is a high end electric bicycle and, as such, you will be paying a lot in order to purchase it from Riese Muller, as it is higher-priced than many of its competitors such as the Addmotor Motan.

Muller E Bike Wrap Up

Many electric bikes like the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic can carry a heavy thing rather far but only the GT will do it while costing you the legs to operate the bike, jokes aside the bike is clearly high performance and capable of comparing with the best if it isn’t though the cost makes the bike out of reach for most.

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