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Mr Robot was written and produced by Sam Esmail. This series started on the USA network, but is also currently on Amazon Prime Video. It features Rami Malek as Eliot, a cyber security employee for evil corp by day and vigilante hacker by night. During the first season, Eliot is bestowed an opportunity to hack for a greater good. This series goes through his journey of going into a variety of people’s online data to force them to change their ways. Mr Robot, as well as The Boys is most definitely another show worth bingeing from our Best Shows On Amazon.

Why We Like It – Mr. Robot Review

Elliot is the nerdy awkward hero you’d never expect to admire. Mr Robot reveals the hidden power in hacking criminals for a cause. Here we have Elliot, a cyber security employee for Evil Corp that spends his time defending his employers’ network while spending his free time researching about the people around him while weeding out the weirdos. I can’t wait to see what will come of him during his time in e corp.

  • Epic hacker battles
  • Global sized schemes
  • Elliot’s monotone self gives the show serious vibes at all times


Rami kills his performance as the awkward timid hero. He’s antisocial persona is done really well through the series as he maneuvers past people that he does not want to get to know. Another reason to watch this series is to see Christian Slater as Mr Robot, a member of a hacker group named fsociety. If for any reason the mr robot seasons aren’t a hit for you, there are plenty of other series to see such as Babylon 5 or The Americans.


The series tends to focus on Elliot Alderson’s life. Eliot’s skeptical view of the world is seen through the scenes. As he walks anywhere, peoples’ eyes stick to him; we see the anxious fellow that he is, and anyone watching feels his skepticism creep on him as he goes on his day. I can’t imagine how he will be much better at his craft when it comes to the final season.


This is a great show that reveals the phenomenal drama in cyber security that often is hidden in plain sight. I found myself completely wrapped in the cyber attack scenes thinking I was watching some superhero movie when in reality I was watching a couple people in a tech apartment just doing their thing. It will be very interesting to see what kind of significant things these hackers try to get away with.

Mr. Robot Review Wrap Up

This is a great show to binge on because you don’t see many series that have such a bold take on how hackers can change the world for good. Mr Robot peeks into the world of cybersecurity and gives us entertainment through the hackers good deeds. Season one is already so epic I can’t imagine who they will hack in the second season or even better yet the series finale.

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