Mr. Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Mr. Beer Beer Brewing Kit would make a great christmas gift for the beer aficionado in your life. And if they like the starter kit, make sure they sign-up with their email address on the Mr. Beer website for exclusive deals and refills with free shipping on all of it. Check out other related products in our best home brewing kit list!

Why We Like It – Mr. Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit

The Mr Beer Kit allows you to brew beer in your own home. The gallon kit includes everything you need to get started on your first batch of quality beer. So if you’re the type who’s always wanted to try making their own session brew but never had time to track down all the component parts, Mr. Beer Premium (and their other kits, Long Play IPA Complete Beer Kit, for example) has you covered.

  • Ale, porter, stout, and IPA refills
  • Airlocked fermentation jug
  • Affordable
  • People found jug leaking issues


The Mr. Beer Beer Kit makes brewing beer simple by streamlining the brewing process so you can make craft beer in 30 minutes instead of nine hours. This also makes it a great option for a first time brewer to make great tasting, good beer to build their confidence. Unfortunately, some people have reported jug-leaking issues, so take caution while you’re making your beer. If you don’t really need a starter kit and all the accessories it comes with, try the Mr. Beer Long Play IPA 2 Gallon Home Brewing Kit or even the Coopers DIY 2 Gallon Home Brewing Kit.


The Mr. Beer Beer Making Kit includes a 2-gallon fermenter that is shatter-proof and has a wide mouth for easy pouring, refilling, and cleaning. It’s also BPA free, which is always a nice touch. The Keg has a locking spigot which is the easiest way to bottle your beer after fermentation. The instructions are easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have any hiccups there, But could have been written a little bit more clearly like the instructions on the Northern Brewer Home Brewing Kit.


The Mr. Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit’s brewing equipment is reusable so all you need is a refill to make beer once again. The Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit works with any recipe kit, so if you become good and enjoy Mr. Beer Beer, Ohio is the next step up. The Mr. Beer kit includes everything you need: brewing extract, refill packs, carbonation drops, and a fermenter LBK. On Amazon, the kit has four and a half stars. Select the Mr. Beer Kit if you trust the opinions of the public.

Mr. Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit Wrap Up

The Mr. Beer Beer Making Kit makes crafting your own home brew simple and worry free. You can make an IPA Craft in one batch and a Session IPA in another. After finding out how simple it is, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this months ago or years ago. But remember, just in case you get too intoxicated after a wild night, you’ll definitely need any one of the best products to prevent a hangover.

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