MPOW H10 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re in the market for the best headphones, or wireless headphones that won’t drain your bank account, then read our review of the MPOW H10 over-ear headphones. Its solid performance easily matches its affordable price, underlined by its built-in amenities. Alternatively, if you’d like similar options, you’ll want to check out our Sharkk Bravo hybrid electrostatic headphones review, Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones review, and our JBL Live 650BTNC review.

The MPOW H10 is built for performance, and it certainly delivers. To that end, these might be one of the best noise-cancelling headphones you can purchase today. At least for the money.

Why We Like It – MPOW H10 Review

Affordable noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are hard to come by, and that’s where the MPOW H10 shines. By providing solid performance both in terms of audio and noise cancellation, the H10 MPOW offers the perfect alternative. But, for another great set of cans, you’ll want to take a quick look at our SMS Audio sync 50 wireless Bluetooth headphones review.

  • Solid performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Long battery life
  • Design feels a little cheap


Starting with audio quality, the MPOW H10 isn’t breaking new ground, but it still provides hi-fi sound such as a stronger hi-fi deep bass. The sound quality is solid and great for the average user—not necessarily for an audiophile. For $50, the active noise cancellation capabilities of the MPOW H10 are rather surprising, masking up to 90% of ambient noise.

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Grant it, it isn’t the best at it—easily beaten by the Bose QuietComfort 35 II—but if you’re looking to drown out most of the noise around you, you’ll want to check out the MPOW H10 dual-mic noise-canceling headphones. And with a battery life pushing 30 hours, you can enjoy what these ANC (active noise canceling) wireless headphones have to offer for a really long trip.

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While in use, the MPOW H10 headphones have comfortable memory foam ear cups, like the MPOW H12, which form to your ears for maximum comfort. In the same motion, the headband too will conform to your head so as to not apply too much pressure to the ear pads. These beat the Cowin E7’s and the Optoma Be Free8 by just a hair in terms of comfort.

On the left ear cup, you’ll find the ANC switch, activating noise cancellation. When the battery eventually dies, there’s a charging port to make use of. Alternatively, you can use an audio cable.

If any corners were cut to have such a low cost, it was probably in the build quality, materials to be specific; the MPOW10 feels a little cheap. The hard plastic is tough to make feel durable, and the MPOW10 feels like it might break. So long as you aren’t tossing them around, you’ll be fine. Thankfully, its foldable design makes traveling easy.

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Considering this headphone’s MPOW H10 review, the battery life, cheap pricing, and performance all make for the MPOW H10 having excellent value—especially if you aren’t wanting, nor have the income, to drop several hundreds of dollars on Sony’s WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones. The sound quality is serviceable, being several leagues above a common pair of headphones, and the noise cancellation capabilities are pretty fantastic for the price you’re paying. Not to mention, they have a nice portable design that makes transporting them easy.

MPOW H10 Review Wrap Up

Update: We’ve used these headphones for over 24 months. The battery continues to hold a charge. And while there is the occasional hiss or pop, they are excellent sounding active noise-canceling (and wireless) headphones for the money. Moreover, we’ve used plenty of over-the-ear headphones, and the MPOW H10 wireless headphones continue to perform and prove that comfortable over-the-ear headphones don’t cost an arm or a leg.

This headphones review reveals the MPOW H10 provides an affordable alternative for active noise-cancelling headphones. Battery life is exceptionally long, the audio quality is really punchy, and the active noise canceling all make for a great option that doesn’t put your wallet in a coma, even if the MPOW H10s do feel a bit cheap.

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