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The Mpow digital alarm clock curved screen can work anywhere from your kitchen office, and your bedroom. You can customize everything from the alarm sounds, to the adjustable brightness. This digital clock is on our list for the Best Alarm Clock, along with similar models like the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock.

Why We Like It – Mpow Digital Curved Screen Display Adjustable Review

This digital alarm clock is a simple device designed to do traditional alarm clock tasks. There is not much variety when it comes to the alarm clock sound, you can choose between a buzzer, birds singing, or a ringtone. This clock features a huge blue LED display that will be visible in your room. This is truly an essential item because it does not have any groundbreaking technology that makes it difficult for people to operate.

  • Simple Design
  • USB charging
  • Not really innovative


The curved screen clock has the essential functions to operate as a great clock. If you were looking for something more innovative, consider the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock. Another feature is the radio alarm clock that you can use to listen to your favorite radio station the first thing in the morning. When it’s time for the alarm to ring, the adjustable volume will ensure that you set the volume to a level suitable for waking you up.


This is not the most innovative alarm clock, but it does its job of being an alarm clock well. If innovation is what you’re looking for, the American Lifetime Premium Day Clock is a great choice. Aside from being an alarm, it can also be used to recharge devices thanks to the micro USB port. Customer reviews reveal that this is a reliable device because of the simplicity of the design.


If you are looking for a simple straight forward alarm clock system that will wake you up efficiently, this device is your winner. This device fits anyone’s budget and provides a variety of alarm sounds to wake you up on a big bright blue LED display that you can adjust the brightness on. This alarm clock capitalized on simplicity, so if you prefer more of the new age technology this may not be a good fit for you.

Mpow Digital Curved Screen Display Adjustable Review Wrap Up

The Mpow Digital alarm clock mastered the simple tasks of waking you up in time for the start of your day. It will also take care of any devices that use micro USB charging. Feel free to purchase this device for a low price, and customize it to fit your needs.

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