Mpow Digital Alarm Clock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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An alarm clock that is both functional and easy to use is something that many of us look for in quality alarm clocks. And so with qualities of the best alarm clock, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock is a choice that makes waking up in the morning all the more easier and comfortable thanks to its 3 different natural sounds. Paired with a number of dimming levels for the digits on the screen, it shows your time clearly all day long, keeping in sync even when the electricity goes out making sure you’re always on time. If you want a different kind of camera, you should also read our review of the Sound Oasis sleep sound therapy system.

Why We Like It – Mpow Digital Alarm Clock

The perfect alarm clock for you and your family, the Mpow Digital Alarm clock comes with 3 different alarm sounds, natural and peaceful enough to give you a smooth wake up. And if you need a few more minutes of sleep to just wake up, the Mpow Alarm allows you to snooze it with the large and easy to press one time snooze button. Thus, with all that and a display with clear digits, 6 different dimming levels, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock is a much more affordable, maybe better, option than the Mpow Projection Alarm Clock. Interested in learning more about a different alarm clock, read the Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock Review.

  • 6 dimming levels
  • 3 different alarm levels
  • Easy to use set up and snooze button
  • Doesn’t work when power is off
  • Alarm Shut off button is harder to reach than the snooze button


A perfect gift for your kids, friends and family, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock comes with a blue LED display that shows the digits clearly, compatible with both 12 and 24 hour time. For more character on your alarm clock, you can check out the close cousin, the Mpow Digital Curved Screen Display Adjustable. Thanks to the 6 different dimming levels on the Mpow alarm clock, it makes sleeping at night much easier avoiding any form of glares. While this is great, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, the Lbell LB01 with it’s 20 different brightness settings and the American Lifetime Clock with it’s larger display and month, year and date view may just make your life a whole lot better. If you do want a FM radio, the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock and the Mpow Projection Alarm Clock with it’s sleep timer are good options worth considering as well.

Moreover, it comes with three different nature alarm sounds ,unlike the Travelway Home, with two sound levels ranging from 75dB to 85dB. This makes waking up much more comfortable as you never wake up with a jolt and rather with a smooth transition in sound, waking up feels much more easier giving you a good mood during the morning to carry on during the day. You also get a dual alarm to set one during the day or night if you’re someone who takes a nap or needs something to remind them of a task. You can even set it for someone else in your family.

Apart from that, the Mpow Alarm clock even comes with a snooze button that is easy to reach in the morning giving you 9 more minutes in the bed to take your time waking up. However, a slight disadvantage is that while the snooze button is easy to reach, this places the alarm stopping button at the back making it a bit harder to reach. But, being a small compromise as it is, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock even comes with a backup battery which will make sure that the clock stays in sync to give you the correct time once the clock turns on after an electricity outage.
However, you can still power the Mpow Alarm clock with a USB connector from any USB charging device to stay on even when the electricity goes out. This will make sure that the alarm kicks in when it is supposed to despite no electricity.


With it’s 5Inch LED curved screen, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock measures to have dimensions of 7.87 x 3.82 x 2.17 inches and weighs around 7.8 ounces. This makes it smaller than the American Lifetime Clock and thus easier to place at your bedside with the charging port being easy to reach from a socket. However, the digits do still remain big enough to be understood by both kids and elders. Thus, with that and no potential bad reviews on amazon, this clock Mpow has made is both solid and elegantly built.


Priced at $14, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock is much cheaper than the American Lifetime Clock and more affordable than the Mpow Projection Clock. It offers everything for its price ranging from a number of sounds to choose from along with sound levels to a great design that is both durable and easy to use. The only downside being that the alarm won’t go off when the electricity goes out unless you plug into a USB device, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock is actually a great alarm clock coming at a great price. In case the battery doesn’t set the time correctly, please try to get a replacement from the customer service.

Mpow Digital Alarm Clock Wrap Up

The display not being as large as the American Lifetime, and not having just as many brightness settings as the LBell LB01, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock may not be the best of alarm clocks in terms of visibility or design. But it does perform moderately well, and pretty great for its price. And so with a number of dimming levels, nature sounds, sound levels to choose from along with the added easy to reach snooze button and a pretty great display, the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock is a genuinely great gift to friends, family or even yourself.