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Gael Garcia Bernal stars as Rodrigo, a fresh young new maestro that is about to shake up the stage at the New York Symphony. This series takes you into the drama, relationships, and fun that happens backstage between all the orchestra members in this music world. This series, along with others like The Boys, made our Best Shows On Amazon so of course it is only on Amazon Prime Video, and now has a fourth season to binge on.

Why We Like It – Mozart In The Jungle Review

Mozart in the Jungle is a great show that peers into the life of members in the New York Symphony. This behind the scenes look reveals the many struggles, relationships, and straight shenanigans that these symphonies encounter during and after their shows. If you are a fan of classical music, this show will feature a variety of tunes sure to please your ears.

  • Awesome Musical Numbers
  • Cool band geek moments
  • Classical tunes all the way


Lola Kirke killed her performance as Hailey Rutledge the oboist that was recently added to the New York symphony. There is a plentiful amount of small musical numbers and symphonies throughout the series that will keep you entertained. As we all know, classical isn’t always a go to genre for most people, and if the craziness between these band mates doesn’t get you hooked, there are other series to see such as The Americans and Babylon 5.


The show doesn’t have the craziest set since the crux of the show revolves around the music the orchestra is making. The series will often feature the orchestra practice room, and a variety of places that the band mates party after practice. Even during passing moments in the show, the writers make sure the viewers see all the problems that arise when partaking in a huge orchestra band. This show uses classical music at every turn, so if this isn’t your genre, it may be hard to get into.


This TV show offers much insight into the life and times of the New York Symphony. For anyone that hasn’t given much thought into this genre of music, you are sure to be surprised by the amount of stress and passion that comes from these musicians. As a musician myself I grew an adoration for orchestral style instruments because of the emotions we feel when we hear them play. This is a good show for all the musicians out there on the grind.

Mozart In The Jungle Review Wrap Up

Mozart in the Jungle is a great show for anyone that enjoys classical music along with the crazy musicians they come with. It will be interesting to see what the new maestro Rodrgio will create at the end of the extensive practices with the New York symphony. Who knows what kind of issues will arise from the band mate’s crazy lifestyles. This anticipation will surely make the TV shows’ four seasons fly by.

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