Moxi MR-1500T3 HD Digital Video Recorder Hits Amazon, But Is It A Good Alternative To Tivo?


While Moxi is probably still far from unseating Tivo as the number one DVR company, the companies latest offering is most certainly a refreshing choice in the buy and subscribe world.  For $800 you get the Moxi MR-1500T3 HD Digital Video Recorder, an EPG, no monthly fees, a CableCard slot and 500GB of storage.  And much like Tivo’s HD box you can record up to two programs at once, access files from PC and a few online services.

Unfortunately – this is why the Moxi MR-1500T3 HD Digital Video Recorder will never sell –  Tivo’s EPG guide is far superior, you can access a variety of online video sites including Amazon’s On Demand service as well as Netflix’s streaming service and all at a lower price (Moxi does offer a larger HDD, though).   Do the math: the Tivo HD box is $300 + $400 for a lifetime service = $700.  That makes Tivo $100 cheaper.  Sorry Moxi, you’re great alternative to Tivo via Time Warner (cringing while saying that), but that’s about it.

[Amazon via eHomeupgrade]

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