A Moving Golf Course That Changes the Way You Play

This is one golf course that won’t put you to sleep. Not that there’s anything wrong with the sport..except, you know, it’s about the slowest thing you can watch on TV besides a 20-inning baseball game. While this is very obviously a commercial for Caterpillar dump trucks, it’s really sparked the imagination for what could one day be the sport of extreme golfing, or roller golfing, or drive n’ golf, or…you get the picture.

Here’s the commercial:

These trucks are capable of carrying up to 250 tons, which allows them to pretty much carry every vital part of the golf course: the hole, the pits, the annoying trees. It would be cool if one of those dump trucks carried the soft-clapping audience around. That would make the game really extreme. Want your favorite golfer to get that hole-in-one? Good, because your life depends on it. Oh, this has taken a very dark turn.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some way to turn your local golf course into a manic speedway of holes and pits, there’s also a handy making of video that will show you how Caterpillar pulled this stunt off. Of course, I’d recommend you don’t try this at home:

This is not the first time that Caterpillar has pulled a stunt like this, of course. You might remember the world’s largest game of Jenga, which was played with CAT excavators. And it was probably a bit more exciting (and deadly) than the moving golf course. As a bonus, here’s the Jenga video:

Those wooden blocks are 600 pounds each. Twenty-seven blocks were used in total, making for 8.1 tons of wood. But Jenga was already a lot more exciting than golf, right? I’d rather watch this game on TV anyway. Let’s hope CAT sponsors a league at some point.

John Saavedra

has written for Den of Geek US, Heavy.com, Gadget Review, The New York Times, and DETAILS. Follow him @johnsjr9.

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