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Movepak Is An Electric Skateboard And A Backpack In One (video)

As many students start a new school year, the Movpak backpack electric vehicle would have come in quite handy for holding all their books and getting them around campus in time for their next class. The skateboard/backpack hybrid can go up to 15 mph with a wireless remote, giving your back and legs a break from having to walk everywhere carrying tons of heavy books around. Unlike a skateboard where you have to use your feet to kick and brake, with Movpak, you just hop on and let it ride.


It also has a range of 9 miles per charge, which should get you about a day’s worth of traveling if you do a lot o walking. To recharge it, just plug it in to any standard outlet (a full charge takes about 2 hours). And since everything does more than one thing nowadays, the Movpak will also charger your electronic devices on the go! The normal backpack that’s integrated to the board allows you to carry all your crap around without having to lug it on your back. And you can even wear it like a regular backpack since the device easily folds. But you can also roll it around or ride it depending on how you feel. Movpak comes in a variety of colors. So, Movpak’s early bird special is gone so if you want your own, you’ll have to pledge $1,190 for an April 2015 delivery.

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  1. Edward

    What is the weight limit?

  2. Marilyn Allanza Beldua

    So nice but where can i buy and how much?

  3. snir

    when th realse date?

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