Mouse Light Is on When the Computer Is Off

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Updated November 9, 2022

If you are new to the world of modern computing, you may wonder why your mouse light is on when the computer is off. Even the best computer mouse in the whole universe can fall victim to this issue, leading to confusion. So what causes a mouse’s light to stay on when the computer has been powered down, and how can you fix it? Keep reading to find out.


  • There are many reasons why a mouse remains powered on when a computer is powered off or in sleep mode via the power button.
  • Troubleshoot this issue by downloading new mouse driver software and resetting any USB device’s Bluetooth connection.
  • You should also clean the workspace thoroughly, in addition to the mousepad and the mouse itself, including the USB port and power supply.

Why Does a Mouse Light Stay On?

The mouse light stays on for any number of reasons, similar to when wondering why you can’t see a mouse on the computer. The underlying issues here can be software or hardware-related, even if you have learned how to use two mice with one computer. In some cases, a battery is to blame, even if you have learned the definition of a PS2 mouse. In other cases, a dirty and activating workspace gets in the way of you conducting that PS2 vs USB mouse review.

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You should also try replacing the batteries (if it uses standard AAAs or AAs) or charging the battery.

How to Turn Off a Mouse Light When a Computer is Off

Let’s troubleshoot this issue. There are a few different things worth trying that could resolve it in no time.

Clean the Workspace

The first thing you should do is clean your workspace. Why do this? A dirty workspace is filled with debris. This debris could fool your mouse into thinking that it is needed even when it is not, particularly if the debris creates the illusion of an uneven surface. Clean the workspace thoroughly to remove any hint of debris. Don’t forget to clean the mousepad here; if it is too old to use, feel free to toss it. They are, after all, rather inexpensive.

Clean the Mouse

Since you are already cleaning, keep going and clean the mouse itself. It is very likely that the mouse ran over dust and debris that, in turn, spilled into the interior components, thus tricking the mouse that it is always on, even when it should be powered down. Give it a good cleaning with a microfiber cloth and a dedicated cleaning solution that won’t fry the electronic components.

STAT: The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968. (source)

Install Driver Updates

Nearly every mouse issue can be caused by out-of-date mouse drivers and device driver software. Download and install new software and check to see if this resolves the issue

Mouse Light FAQs

How do I disable the mouse LED when the system power is turned off?

This depends on the design of the mouse, but look for a battery power switch, a USB port, or a dedicated power supply. You can also likely make these changes in the settings tab.

Should you turn off your cordless laser mouse when you shut down or hibernate the computer?

You should likely turn the USB power off to conserve battery. Make sure the USB device is not draining battery power from the power supply, particularly in the case of a mobile wireless mouse without a mouse cover.

How do I turn the LEDs on or off on the Razer keyboard when the computer is on standby?

This is fairly simple. Just head into the dedicated software settings app for your Razer products. Turn the LEDs on or off as you would a power supply for a mobile wireless mouse with a mouse pointer.
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