Mount Your TV Over The Fireplace With the Motorized ComfortVu Arm


If you’re forced to strain your neck while looking at TV since it’s mounted over the fireplace, relax those neck muscles by using the ComfortVu over the fireplace motorized TV mount. You’ll get a more comfortable viewing experience without having to find another place to hang your TV. The idea for the ComfortVu came to developer Joseph Lee about 15 years ago when large flatscreen TVs first came into play. He faced the vexing problem of having to mount these TVs above the fireplace, which cause for viewers to be in an awkward position, craning their necks upward.

The great thing about ComfortVu is that it’s controlled by an infrared remote (hand-held remote included) that easily moves the TV in the exact position you want so you don’t have to hassle with it manually. It’s made for strength, beauty and life since it’s crafted from aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum and powder-coated black for more durability. You’ll also have no trouble mounting it; just mount the device to two or three wall studs on brick, stone and more with no need for special tools. It can be used with most 55″-90″ TVs that weigh as much as 190 lbs. and it can be used practically anywhere – offices, hotel suites, boardrooms and more.

The device provides improved viewing angles and increased pictures size in addition to its comfort. When it’s fully extended, the TV is lowered to a comfortable viewing position, and awkward viewing angles and neck strain are eliminated.  In addition, because the TV has been brought forward, the picture is larger because it’s now closer to the viewer. Plus, a TV that is 29″ high will completely hide the device (unless your are standing against the wall, looking at the side). Enhance the way you watch TV for only $1,995.


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