MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you are going somewhere new or need to track your vehicle for safety measures then you’ll want one of the best GPS tracker options on the market. There are many different contenders for the title of Best Car Tracker, and features vary by device. If you’re not looking for anything fancy (and simply want something functional), then the MOTOsafety GPS Tracker could be the option for you.

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Why We Like It – MOTOsafety GPS Tracker

The MOTOsafety GPS Tracker offers an easy, cheap way to track your teen drivers whereabouts and ensure they’re driving in a safe manner.t

  • Route Replay Feature
  • Adjustable Curfew Hours
  • Provides You With a Daily Driver Report Card
  • Only Works in the United States
  • No Battery-Powered Option

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MOTOsafety GPS Tracker is one of the best car GPS trackers you can ask for (for a multi-purpose tracking solution check out our Spytec GL300 reviews!) It does have some limitations in features and other sectors but that doesn’t mean these tracking devices aren’t a worthwhile investment. They perform well, allowing you to track easily and fast over the 4G network system. You can monitor overall performance and take advantage of real time tracking to keep your loved ones safe. You can also set up the geofencing radius and other things easily via the app. `


Like any other OBD-port supported GPS tracking device, this MOTOsafety tracker lacks an internal battery. However, it is completely portable and can be used with the OBD ii port commonly located under the dashboard. The biggest advantage of having an ODB based tracker is they are not limited by battery life or constant recharging. As long as the vehicle it’s plugged into will run, this device will continue to track movements and locations. However, OBD ii ports are only found in newer vehicles (after 1996) so older car owners may be out of luck.

Ease of Use

This tracker is easy to use, thanks to the simple mobile app. It works on both Android and iOS devices; you can also monitor using a web browser! The app offers live tracking and instant notifications, making tracking a breeze. As a bonus, the device even sends you maintenance reminders! Installation is also easy, since it’s just a plug and play system. To assist you with setting up the device, MOTOsafety includes a start guide that walks you through the process.


Since this device is intended for use inside a vehicle, it understandably lacks resistance to anything. While dust shouldn’t present an issue, don’t expose the device to water, high-intensity shocks, extreme heat, or anything else you wouldn’t want your phone exposed to. Despite lacking any specific durability features, this device shouldn’t break and is very dependable when used in the recommended fashion. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, visit our AMERICALOC GL300W review for a portable, waterproof alternative!


The MOTOsafety GPS tracker is an affordable device, costing only $24.99 (with free shipping) on If you decide you don’t like it, returns are free as well! We were unable to find any warranty or protection plans offered, but you shouldn’t need one on a device this cheap. For less than $25 you get real time tracking, automatic updates, user-friendly interfaces, geo fencing, and more so we think this budget-friendly GPS tracker is definitely worth the price they’re asking for it.

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Wrap Up

The MOTOsafety GPS Tracker definitely isn’t a top-of-the-line device, but it offers a fair amount of performance for the price. The real limitation is that it can only be used in vehicles (visit our LandAirSea 54 review for something a bit more multi-purpose). Still, for less than $25 we think this tracker is worth the money.