Motorola SLVR Review

Mobile-review has a review of Motorola’s much anticipated SLVR phone; the brethren to the RAZR. It looks like they got their hands on the Russian version, so expect a slightly different feature set and look, but for the most part it will remain the same once is arrives to our shores (which was supposed to be Q3 2005).

In this Euro version (below), the keypad has a bronze glow to it – awesome looking. Based on Motorola’s US site it looks like we won’t get this option here, but one can only hope. The cell phone itself is not entirely made of metal as the RAZR once was (we believe Motorola eventually changed out some metal parts to plastic to lower cost), but according to you can’t tell the difference. As result, the SLVR is 10 grams less then the RAZR at 85 gram, or 3oz.

Added to Motorola’s SLVR phone is a Micro SD memory card for expansion. The SLVR sports a regular VGA camera, but a much crisper and more colorful screen (262k colors) then its predecessor. experienced a 2-3 day battery life with regular use. That duration was cut short to 1 day with 5-6 hours of MP3 listening and 1 hour of talk time – not bad.

Expect retail price to run about $300+ and hopefully the Motorola SLVR will be available Q1 2006 (fingers crossed).

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  1. im getting this in a couple days. i hope its better than the rokr e1. i had a lot of problems with that one. Anyways the phone looks sweet . I got it free to becauase of all the problems with the rokr ;-)

  2. i have actually never had one, as a matter of fact i have never seen one, i have no clue what its like and no clue how it works, i am planning on getting one in about 30 years so i am very excited i hope it works out great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think I’m going to take it back to the shop. The phone looks awesome, but is not ready for prime time. The user interface makes me long back for my 2-yr old Sony Ericsson, which has everything you want to use easy to reach, instead of everything that will give Cingular extra service dollars. The iTunes interface works not at all on my Windows ME machine, and lousy on my Windows 2000 machines (it copies no more than 3 or 4 songs at a time). I had to pay $30 extra (not expected) to buy Motorola Cell Phone Tools to synchronize with my Outlook calendar. The phone’s calendar is hard to reach and truncates the calendar entries way too short. I’m not very happy…

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