Motorola ATRIX HD Price, Specs, and Release Date (product release)

Yesterday, Motorola announced their newest 4G handset, the ATRIX HD.  Surprisingly it will arrive as soon as July 15th and cost just $99.99 after a 2-year contract.   But don’t be fooled by that reasonable price, which will surely drop in the next few weeks, if not sooner.  This phone packs a serious punch and should stand up to the roughest of vacations this summer.

Aside from it’s svelte body, which measures 8.4mm at its thinnest point (the Motorola RAZR, which looks similar, is 7.1mm) the ATRIX HD sports a 4.5-inch ColorBoost screen that can produce a 1280×720 image with 329 PPI (pixel’s per inch).  And although Motorola says it’s the highest resolution phone on the market, it’s actually on par with a few other handsets.

Nonetheless, a large screened phone has sometimes meant added fragility, as well as a larger target for spills.  To address this shortcoming, Motorola has crafted the body from KEVLAR and covered it with a nano-coating that acts a splash guard, reflecting small amounts of water.  If that isn’t nothing short of impressive, there is also an 8-megapixel shooter that can capture full HD video, and a front facing camera that is able to record 720p video.

The ATRIX HD will ship with Android 4.0, and although AT&T hasn’t stated outright, we can only assume that it will be upgradeable to Jellybean.  That being said, the ATRIX HD is the first Motorola phone to include their Circle Widget on the home screen, which connects directly with your AT&T account and displays data usage since your last bill.  It will also provide you, at a glance no less, with time, notifications, remaining battery, and weather.  There is also a myriad of security features that include activity timeout, VPN, and government grade data encryption on both the device’s built-in memory and SD card slot.

And to add to that, Motorola ATRIX HD comes pre-loaded with a free app called SMARTACTIONS.  SMARTACTIONS automatically adjusts the phone’s settings according to what you’re doing.  So if you enter the car and place the ATRIX HD in the Vehicle Navigation Dock (available free for a limited time), it will change your phone to vehicle mode and read your text messages aloud, auto-reply to incoming calls and texts as well as provide turn-by-turn navigation.


 The Motorola ATRIX HD will be available in Modern White or Titanium July 15th for $99.99.

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