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Like many things, manufactures make some items just for them and their products and your cabin air filter is one of them, meaning that one car’s filter may not fit another’s. If your cabin air starts to smell funny or become stuffy then it may be time to think about changing it. Ford models, in this case, may very well be staring at the best cabin air filter with the Motorcraft FP-70 Filter. For more cabin air filters we recommend you review the finest car accessories.

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Why We Like It – Motorcraft FP-70 Filter

Motorcraft FP-70 Filters provides excellent quality while maintaining its ability to maximize trapping harmful particles.

  • Same filter as the original filter
  • Traps small particles
  • Electrostatically charged layers
  • May not fit some specified models


While undergoing research to meet the not only Motorcraft standards but also the standards of the manufactures to help ensure that the best possible fit and air flow for your air filter. Its construction includes multiple layers and an electrostatically charged one to ensure that particles as small as 10 microns don’t make it into the cabin of the car. With the polyester laminated frame, the possibility of air passing around the filter further reduces the chance that anything nasty in the air can make it pass. It’s similarly impressive the ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter does the same for GM models.


Motorcraft cabin air filters work to remove odors and particles from the air and if you’ve already removed your old air filter then you may have an idea about the part number and the Motorcraft FP-70 is meant to replace those with similar numbers including the one that came originally with the car. Some models of cars have changed over the course of production and not be suitable for use with your car and you should check to see the return policy of any place you purchase from. Since this air filter is limited to Ford, you wouldn’t install an EPAuto CF10285 Toyota Premium Activated because it’s for Toyota.


An air filter, Motorcraft is tad expensive and while cheaper ones do exist it is likely that they may not meet the same requirements that the OEM does. Free shipping with features like Amazon Prime does help to alleviate the cost that these air filters might incur but then people always say quality over quantity. And you will not get a better quality than from a Motorcraft cabin air filter. It can’t be stressed enough that you check, at least with the manufacturer, before you put money toward any car purchase to make sure that it is compatible with your car. For example, the FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter is strictly Acura and Honda.

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Motorcraft FP-70 Filter Wrap Up

In the realm of cabin air filters, Motorcraft FP-70 may be a step above some aftermarket brands. While there are many air filters, not many of them will seek to meet the same requirements that the OEM set forth for their product and that is exactly what Motorcraft sought to accomplish.