Moto X Smartphone Cyber Monday Deal = $140 Off

Its Cyber Monday and all the deals are creeping out from the deep corner of the web – even rare smartphone deals such as the recently Moto X is no exception!

For a very limited time until 5pm Central, you can get a $140 promo code for a Moto X – just head here to claim your code before the clock runs out.

Once you receive your $140 off code in your email, you will have until December 15, just before midnight Central Time to use the code.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Register for your promo code at this link
  2. Once you receive your promo code from Motorola in your email..
  3. Add the Moto X to cart
  4. You’ll have the option to go with the no contract phone for $359.99 (a great price)
  5. …or get the Verizon contracted phone for $0.01

That’s all! Simple as pie.

Of course between all those steps you should also build your Moto X to your liking.


Viet Do

Viet works at, a deal site for techies and gamers. Run by geeks across the U.S. with an unhealthy obsession for pizza and coffee. Dealzon tracks daily prices on laptops, video games, and HDTVs. At Dealzon, we find the deals so you don't have to.

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