Moto X Caught on Video, Always On Google Now and New Notification System Revealed (video)

Last week Eric Schmidt leaked images of Google’s next big phone, the Moto X.  Unfortunately, that’s where the proverbial buck stops; Schmidt wouldn’t comment on the device, what features it had or reveal anything related to the Moto X.  So suffice to say, I (and the rest of you) were left salivating, wanting more.

And now we’ve got more.  Albeit a small serving.  According to Rogers Wireless in Canada, who supposedly created this video (I don’t think it’s fake), the Moto X will arrive exclusively to the carrier sometime next month.  While the video doesn’t discuss the specs of the Moto X, we now know a bit more about the next-gen handset.

First off, Google Now, while remaining largely the same, will be an always on feature.  So instead of having to swipe up and say “Google”, you’ll be able to speak to the phone and ask it to search the web, get directions and more.  It would seem that the Moto X will use some learning tech to better understand your voice.  It’s not clear if this will be a core Android feature or not, but it’s likely that it WON’T be exclusive to the Moto X.

The second feature revealed in the short promo video is the Moto X’s camera function.  To activate it, you simply need to flick your wrist twice.  Provided you don’t drop or throw your phone on the floor, you can capture photos just by tapping the screen (one photo) or hold your finger down to capture multiple photos.

And the last feature is a new notification system.  Instead of blinking a notification light, which are commonly found on the Android phones, the Moto X will momentarily illuminate the screen with the app that is receiving an update and then return to sleep.  It’s hard to say what the battery implications of this feature will be, but it’s probably fair to say that it will eat into battery life quite significantly.

So there it is.  The Moto X caught in video.  There still is no word on a US launch date, but it’s likely it will arrive around the same time.

Schmidt with Moto X-2

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