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The Moto Stream Brings Back An Old Google Idea

Of all the results one expected out of Google’s brief time owning its own cellphone company, this decidedly wasn’t one of them. One of Google’s early stabs at a physical product has been reshaped and is now being sold by the company it just abandoned.

Now You’re Just Some Company I Used To Own

For those who don’t follow Google trivia, one of Google’s early hardware ideas was the Nexus Q, which was an odd little sphere that, among other things, was designed to centralize your home and give everyone control of the music playing. All you had to do was bring an Android within range, and you saw the full playlist and could add or rearrange it as necessary.

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It never came to market. Google spiked it in wake of the high amount of (justified) mockery. But apparently somebody at Google just couldn’t let it go.

Islands In The Digital Stream

The Moto Stream is simple, in the mechanics. Hook it up to a power source and some speakers, and anybody within 300 feet of it can play back the music they have stored, or can stream, on the device through the colorful little polygon. It’s actually an effective little traffic hub, too, capable of being paired to five different devices. And yes, you can switch around tracks on your friends, in a setting that Motorola is calling “Heist Mode.”


When It’s Time To Party

The Moto Stream isn’t going to revolutionize anything, although it does offer an intriguing alternative to the expensive sound suite offered by home music gurus Sonos. But if nothing else, it’s an interesting bit of trivia and an odd way that Google has had an effect on the company that used to define its hardware. Besides, if your friend puts one in, you can finally make him listen to your taste in music!

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