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As we edge closer and closer to the upcoming release date of the highly anticipated game GTA V, Rockstar continues to gives us little peaks of the games included features. This week. We’ve been presented with a few more details concerning GTA V and how they will help to keep players immersed in the city of San Andreas.

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I previously informed you that GTA V will include several new distractions from the storyline such as sports and hunting. Well, further details have come out informing us that there will be 15 or more species of animals in game, all of which can be hunted and interacted with. What are the 15 species? I haven’t been given the full list, but sourcing from the gameplay trailer and stills available on Rockstar’s GTA V site, there are deer, birds, fish dogs and even sharks.

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We’ve also been informed that players will be given a pet dog of their own that goes by the name Chop. He’s reportedly customizable to some extent, with the ability to give him interchangeable collars and other accessories. I guess this is for the “Littlest pet shop” players, or those individuals who think of their pets as accessories and force them into those ridiculous outfits for reasons beyond my comprehension. To Rockstar’s credit though, negligent players have the potential to lose Chop if they aren’t paying enough attention to him, or allow some disastrous event to remove him from the story. I can just see it now, player spends several thousand bucks on the diamond studded collar and forgets to feed the pooch resulting in him moving in with the neighbor across the street.

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As the technology behind GTA has evolved, so have the characteristics of the playable characters. For the first time in GTA history, the characters will each have their own distinctive walk and mannerisms that can be observed during game play. This is somewhat remarkable as it can help players immerse themselves in each character and thus choose actions based on their active characters personality. You probably won’t chose confrontational options if your character is walking around slumped over in despair instead of the usual, “Always be running” trot previous player characters have sported up till now.

I swear, the more I hear about this game, the more I want it in my hands right now. Rockstar’s doing a remarkable job promoting this game, and so far, seem to have done a better job creating it. Every week, I look forward to typing up what news I’ve dug up to share with our readers. I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this game because I will definitely be playing GTA Online and will want a large number of players to frag. That’s all for now. Good gaming, friends.

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  1. The city of San Andreas… Humm i feel like somethings wrong with that. This is a stupid article, YOU IDIOTS JUST COPIED EVERYTHING FROM “CVG”!!! They had an interview with rockstar north. You say you got “informed” you just copied someone elses hard work, screw you.

  2. Nice little article but you say “For the first time in GTA history, the characters will each have their own distinctive walk and mannerisms that can be observed during game play.”

    This is wrong. Luis for example had a little “swagger” (I hate that damn word) about his walk while Nico walked like he had a salmon in his jocks.

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