Briefcase Turns Into A Portable BBQ

Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill

Learn What to Look for When Buying the Best Charcoal Grill and you might be sold on this one. Be BBQ ready this summer with the Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill that allows you to be the grill master everywhere you go. On the outside, the grill looks like a vintage, classic briefcase – like one that a character from “Mad Men” would use. But when you open it up, there’s a portable tabletop grill that’s perfect for when you’re having a bomb fire, hosting a romantic date at the park or whenever you feel like grilling up a juicy piece of steak when you’re out.

It features tiny holes throughout the unit that let air flow in and out of the grill, making it hotter and less prone to overheating. It’s suggest to use coconut shell ecological charcoal since it produces no flame, retains heat and lets out minimal smoke. It comes in three different colors and measures 32 cm wide, 44 cm long and 12 cm in depth. It is easy and quick to dismantle, clean and storage. Get yours here.

Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill

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