Which is the best air purifier? Let’s find out.

Does pollen have you down? Do you suffer from asthma? Those shopping for the good air purifier have no doubt already checked out these two popular models, so I thought I would compare the two so that you can see what their strengths and weaknesses are. So read onward as I compare Molekule vs Dyson. Or, for an aesthetic way to keep your air clean, you could also read our Purifan air purifier (keeps your air clean through the ceiling fan) review.

Molekule vs Dyson Air Purifiers - Which Cleans Your Air Better?
How do these two models differ?

Molekule vs Dyson – Design

The Dyson air purifier sports a unique design in the world of air cleaners. It has the vent and filters at the base of the unit, while the top is an open bladeless ring called an “amp”. The large amp delivers better airflow and purification. The size of the amp differs between Dyson models, but as the amp size gets larger, it can pass more air through.

The Molekule air purifier has more of a typical design. Air intake happens at the bottom of the machined aluminum cylinder. The vents around the top push clean, purifier air into your home. It is very straight-forward.

Molekule vs Dyson Air Purifiers – How Do You Operate Them?

The Molekule air purifier has it’s a touch screen display on the top of the unit. You can use this to scroll through its various features and change the settings to where you need them. You can also control it remotely via your smartphone if you use the app.

The Dyson air purifier can be controlled by using the round display screen below the amp. It is pretty versatile as you can also use the remote control, the app or voice control (depending on the model).

Molekule Air Purifier vs Dyson – How Do These Machines Purify Your Air?

How do these air purifiers work? These two machines approach indoor air cleaning much like every other air purifier. They suck dirty air in, pass through air filters, and push the clean air back out through vents, now that it has eliminated most of the pet dander, dust, mold spores, dust mites, and other nasties. This is how your indoor air quality is improved. However, they do use different air filter types. Here is a helpful guide from the EPA.

The Molekule uses PECO filtration. (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) This means that their filter is coated in a proprietary media that when activated by light, a catalytic reaction occurs, destroying the pollutants that have entered it and releasing truly clean air. Things like allergens and bacteria viruses first hit the pre-filter in order to trap larger particles. Then smaller particles hit the PECO so that the light can zap the particles. This is known as a uv 0r ultraviolet light machine. One important note is that a HEPA filter only traps pollutants, which can then grow on the HEPA filter and re-release back into the air consumers are breathing—unlike PECO which entirely destroys them.

Dyson takes a more typical approach to filtration using a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter takes care of all of the fine particles, while the other eliminates gases and odors. This is why the best HEPA air purifier models sell so well. Especially for those with allergies. Dyson keeps it simple.

How Do The Air Purifier Features Compare?

The Molekule modes include:

Auto Mode lets you enter information like room size so that the machine gives you the best results for air pollution.

Boost Mode means that it will run at the highest air flow setting for maximum cleaning and fresh air.
Silent mode keeps the fans at the lowest sound level.
Dark Mode is for while you sleep.

Dyson’s modes are:

Auto Mode allows the Dyson to detect your air quality and adjust accordingly.
Custom Mode lets you select a custom fan speed and airflow direction.
Night Mode is a sleep timer that will shut it off when you want.

Molekule vs Dyson Air Purifiers - Which Cleans Your Air Better?
Molekule vs Dyson Air Purifiers. We compare these popular models.

Which Top Pick Air Purifier Is Right For You?

Our conclusion is that if you want a good looking for a sleek air purifier that does not use HEPA filters, you should choose the Molekule. The performance is not as good as the Dyson with HEPA filter, however. HEPA filters really do work to purify the air and replacement filters are easy to find and install.

The Dyson may be the one for you if you truly want the best performance. Dyson also has a larger variety of models which will ensure that you get the right size for your room and the right power for your situation. Get one that that is specialized for your needs, like a top pick air purifier for mold. Or odor air purifiers if smells like smoke are bothering you.

In conjunction with these air scrubbers, always remember to use your vacuum cleaner regularly to get even more dander, pet hair, pollen, and other contaminants out of your living space. The best air purifier for mold in homes is also a great way to keep mold away and protect your home.

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