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The Molekule Air Purifier is a well put together air purifier that offers a decent room coverage of up to 600 square feet, making it ideal for large rooms. The Molekule air purifier takes the form of a large size, cylindrical flask, and also features a natural leather handle that makes it very easy to carry around. It’s design also allows for 360-degree intake, and with 3 different fan speeds to choose from, you’ll be able to easily configure it to your personal preferences. Does it make the cut as one of the Best Air Purifier options around, or is it just another contender for the title of Best Smart Air Purifier in our lineup. Make sure you get to the end of this review to find out.

Why We Like It – Molekule Air Purifier

The Molekule Air Purifier will work well for anyone who appreciates an element of sleek design in their products. It uses a PECO filter instead of a HEPA filter, and this is one major difference that sets it apart from a lot of other air purifiers.

  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Destroys harmful air particles
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Timer


The Rabbit Air Minusa2 Air Purifier is pretty different from the Molekule air purifier in that the Molekule relies on Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to destroy pollutants that get trapped on the PECO filter, while the HEPA filters on the Minusa2 would just stop at trapping. PECO technology remains fairly new to most of the major players in the air purification industry, and this is why you won’t find it on as many air purifiers that exist.


The process of air purification on the Molekule air unit begins with large air particles getting trapped by its 1st line of defence, the pre filter, This filter slows down the pace at which even smaller components move in the air, making them easier to differentiate and catch during the 2nd stage of filtration, the PECO process. Here, the nanoparticle-coated filter layer reacts to light, and subsequently drives out any kind of pollutants, greatly improving air quality, and leaving behind clean air.


Unlike the Airmega 400, the Molekule Air Purifier does not feature a bunch of buttons that allow you to do a host of things; everything is kept very simple. The unit also has an auto mode that you can switch to in case you’re not sure about the best settings to input, and once you do so, the unit will rely on the data collected to adjust the fan speed. In case you expect to use it at night, you can just switch it to its lowest speed setting to have it make the least noise when functioning.


The Molekule’s body is made out of anodized aluminium, and compared to the plastic material that makes up most of the Bissell Air Purifier, you can definitely expect it to last a lot longer after purchase. For optimum performance, you will have to make sure that you do filter replacement whenever it’s needed, as the PECO filters have a shelf life of 6 months, and the pre filter lasts close to 3.


At first glance, very few people would actually figure out that the Molekule air purifier is actually an air purifier. It’s classic design makes it very difficult to work out what it is, and the thing about this is that even the Molekule air mini follows the very same design blueprint, only smaller. Also worth mentioning is that the unit supports WiFi, so you’ll be able to link it to your phone and observe details such as filter status, or even switch between different modes.

Molekule Air Purifier Wrap Up

The Molekule Air Purifier will work well for anyone who values groundbreaking design & simplicity. The unit might be slightly expensive, but it is worthwhile thanks to top tier build quality.

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