Mold Your Own Galaxy With ‘Star Wars: Sculpting A Galaxy’

Star Wars was an important film series on many, many levels. And one of the most important ways it changed film was with its elaborate model work, which pushed forward the state of the art and opened minds to the idea that model work could be for more than just the occasional background effect. And it’s something this book on the effects allows you to do!

Star Wars At Play

First of all, if you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Wars: Sculpting A Galaxy is worth every penny of the $400 you’ll have to shell out for it. First of all, it’s absurdly detailed, with gatefolds, postcards, and all sorts of other little items you can get a sense of the series’ effects with. It even comes with DVD documentaries and other multimedia. But even more important is the best media of all.

Build Your Own Junker

Yes, you can build your very own Chevy Nova of the skies, the Millenium Falcon. Consider as one of the best Star Wars gifts in our review, the kit is complete with all the parts you need and of course steps are included so you can build along and understand the detail that goes into constructing such a complex model. It’s not quite making a model at the industrial level, but it’s always good to get your hands dirty with model-making, as it helps you better understand both the model process and the work that goes into it.


Punch It, Chewie!

OK, at $400, we get it, this isn’t an item for the casual Star Wars fan. It’s really not even an item for some of the hardcore fans out there. But, if you care about modelmaking, film history, and Star Wars, this is a rich, in-depth way to get a better sense of how a great series was built by hand.


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