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Moka Pot vs Coffee Maker

Updated: Aug 28, 2022 10:38 PM
Moka Pot vs Coffee Maker

Comparing a Moka pot vs. a coffee maker forces you to look at a great many brewing methods. Whether you’re using a French Press or any drip methods for your morning cup, it’s essential to understand the different appliances. This helps you choose the best coffee maker for your needs.


  • A Moka pot uses steam pressure and hot water to extract a fuller flavor from coffee grounds in its upper chamber, resulting in a smooth, creamy consistency.
  • There are tons of brew methods to choose from, such as French Press, electric drip machines, old-fashioned pot coffee, and more.
  • While a Moka pot is a sure way to make a delicious brew, your preferences will decide which brew method is suitable for you.

Comparing the Moka Pot to Other Brewing Methods

You’ll love the Moka pot if you don’t mind putting a little extra effort into your batches of coffee. Moka coffee is known for being a concentrated coffee with a smooth, creamy flavor. This has made it a longtime favorite of the coffee industry.

Compared to a regular coffee pot, a stainless steel Moka pot produces superior cups of coffee. However, against methods like the French Press, it is harder to figure out which one comes out on top. Once you’ve read our comparison below, consider reading our article on a Moka coffee maker vs a French Press and a French press vs a regular coffee maker. to see how the two stack up against one another.

Is the Moka Pot Best for an Intensely-Flavored Brew?

Comparing Moka pots vs. coffee percolators will give far different results than comparing other models. For example, comparing coffee percolators vs a drip coffee maker. Percolator coffee is another style raved about by coffee fanatics because of the robust coffee experience they offer.

Insider Tip

While shiny appliances like the French Press are tempting, make sure you understand the work that goes into using one before purchasing.

If you’re trying to avoid bitter coffee, a Moka pot is a great choice. We’ll explain why making batches of coffee is always better with a Moka below.

Overall Brew Time

All you have to do is pour some cold water into the water chamber, and the Moka pot takes care of the rest. Unlike a French Press, the Moka pot will create boiling water during the process. Still, it requires more attention than drip coffee because you have to fill the chamber with water and get ground beans ready.

The Moka method isn’t the fastest brewing method out there; it takes about five minutes from start to finish. Because of that, it doesn’t win this round against the four minutes of a French Press or the 60 seconds of a Keurig coffee machine. Of course, it’s better than the 3-10 minutes it takes for a drip machine.

Creation of Flavorful Coffee

The Moka allows for better flavor depth than similar methods, like percolator coffee. However, it is debatable whether it can produce a fuller flavor than methods such as the French Press. However, there’s a reason why artisan coffee shops tend to use espresso machines instead of regular coffee makers. No matter what model or style you choose, nothing comes close to authentic espresso.

While the Moka is up there with the French Press regarding flavor, other methods are satisfactory.

Method of Brewing

That said, when comparing the Moka to other methods, such as the French Press, several factors determine which method for brewing is best for you. The freshness of the coffee beans, the use of a coffee filter, the temperature of the water, how the water is delivered to the coffee grounds, and more all play a role.

Ultimately, your coffee preferences will determine the best method according to your tastes. Still, the Moka pot is a great way to turn coffee beans into delicious coffee, as long as you have the time.

You might also be interested in learning the differences between stainless steel and aluminum coffee makers.


Take proper precautions around the heat source while brewing coffee, or you could end up burning yourself.


What coffee grind size is best for using a stovetop espresso maker?

Freshly ground coffee comes in different textures, finishes, and more. Figuring out whether to use a coarser grind or finer grind can be tricky. The key is to do plenty of research into your brew method of choice. For example, a French Press will require a coarse, even grind while a drip coffee pot needs a medium grind. Espresso and Moka pots require a fine grind.

What is the best brewing method in terms of taste?

There are countless methods out there for the brewing process, but which is the best boils down to what tastes best to you. From the coffee grounds you use to the temperature of your hot water, everything matters, so to find the best cup of coffee possible, experiment with different methods to determine what you like best.

Is a stovetop espresso machine necessary to make authentic espresso cups?

Espresso coffee is a game-changer for many. While espresso-like coffee is excellent, it doesn’t come close to true espresso. You don’t need a fancy, proper espresso machine for this purpose. A stovetop model will get you close, though.

Should I use a Moka pot or a French Press?

French Presses are widely popular, and any coffee lover can confirm their intensely-flavored brew. French Press coffee has a richer flavor than a drip machine. However, it’s about the same as a Moka pot. You can make strong coffee with either of these coffee machines.

STAT: Approximately four million Moka pots were sold worldwide in 2020. (source)

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