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The Moka Coffee Maker vs French Press

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Updated August 28, 2022

Comparing a Moka coffee maker vs a French press requires you to look into several categories. The Moka method was created by Alfonso Bialetti and is a traditional Italian method for preparing cups of coffee. You can probably guess what country the French process originates in.


  • The French press uses an immersion brewing method, making it a less manual method for those with less time to spare.
  • Many factors determine which method is suitable for you, and neither model is necessarily better than the other, just more suited to you personally.
  • The type of ground coffee you use for either is different, with a French Press preferring coarser grinds than a Moka pot.

The best coffee maker can take either fresh ground beans or pre-ground coffee and create a delicious cup suited to your personal taste. Brew methods matter quite a bit, so make sure you’re using the best methods of brewing coffee for your preferences.

Insider Tip

Delicious coffee always begins with picking the right coffee beans, so make sure you research which fresh beans are the best for the brew methods you use.

Comparing the Moka Pot and French Press Coffee

To use a Moka pot, you pour in cold water on your desired type of coffee and allow the appliance to do the rest of the work. The other coffee brewer requires a little more work upfront, like grinding coffee beans. Both are better than other methods, like traditional pot coffee.

There are interesting differences when comparing a Moka pot vs a coffee maker, as well. Both models use a filter basket, for example.

The Brewing Process Involved

A Moka pot is slightly more complex to use than a French press due to its brewing method. A French press just sits there while the coffee grounds steep. The steeping process makes it a less manual brewing method. As far as a set and forget method goes, the press is great since you can pour hot water in and walk away. A Moka pot requires more attention to detail.

If set and forget is your method of choice, try comparing a Keurig vs. Keurig 2.0 to find the best automatic drip machines for coffee.

Overall Brew Time for Robust Coffee

In this category, the French press vs a regular coffee maker is a clear winner. With the French press, you can expect to shave a few minutes off of your brewing time. A Moka pot takes around 9 minutes, while a French press will finish in 7 minutes or less. Although, if you want more cups of coffee, you’ll want to get a percolator over a French press, especially if you’re camping.

That means that a strong cup of coffee is in hand that much sooner when you use a French press.

Creating Bold and Full-Flavor Coffee

In the battle for strong coffee, the Moka pot, and French press coffee are neck and neck. This is because of the differences between the brewing vessels. A French press creates a more full-bodied coffee with richer flavor profiles.

On the other hand, the Moka pot can stand in as an espresso additive for most coffee lovers. This is because the finished coffee is far bolder. That concentrated coffee provides a far bolder coffee flavor.

Moreover, try comparing Bialetti vs Aeropress for additionally Moka pot-style coffee makers.


Using anything other than stainless steel or glass can result in poor sanitization for your manual coffee maker, so check materials before purchasing.


Is Moka coffee as strong as Italian espresso?

There is no comparison to using an authentic espresso maker to pull your espresso shot. An espresso maker, or espresso machine, can pull a far stronger finished drink.

Can I use a Moka pot as a stand-in for an espresso additive?

You’ll find that the Moka method produces the closest thing to an espresso shot compared to stovetop espresso makers. While it won’t be as strong, it will work as a substitute in espresso-based drinks.

Why is my Moka producing bitter coffee?

If you overfill your water chamber, you will upset the coffee-to-water ratio. The actual extraction process of the Moka method relies on the use of almost-boiling water. If you burn the contents of your grounds basket, you’ll end up with displeased taste buds.

What coffee ground is best for the Moka pot?

You’ll want to use finer grinds for your Moka pot. Grind size is crucial to this brewing method, and coarse ground coffee doesn’t allow the steam to push through quickly enough.

STAT: A patent for the French Press was filed by a Frenchman, Marcel-Pierre Paquet dit Jolbert, officially published on August 5, 1924. (source)

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