Moët Mini Champagne Vending Machines Arrive In Los Angeles

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Updated June 27, 2022

Last week Mama Lion, the popular bar, lounge and social club in Los Angeles, celebrated the arrival of champagne vending machines for their guests to enjoy. Hey, when you need a bottle of bubbly, you need one, so these machines are very convenient. You’ll never have to be without champagne again. If you love to drink at home, you might also want to read about how the Oak Bottle lets you Oak Age your drinks.

Let The Champagne Flow

This is especially great for celebrating things on the spur of the moment. Good thing there is champagne in that machine over there. Just pay the machine and you’ll be popping the cork in no time. The vending machine is loaded with 320 mini bottles of Moët and Chandon champagne, so you can always have your fancy brut and rosé when you need them.

This machine helps you to keep the party going. And with all of the live entertainment at Mama lion’s you can be sure that the party continues.

This is a first for Los Angeles and a first for Mama Lion and Moët & Chandon. That’s because this is the first lounge and bar in California to serve champagne from a vending machine. Making it a fun occasion to use the machine, the new vending machine installation includes interesting touches like a tiny champagne flute for every purchase. And aside from that the machine only takes specially branded Moët golden tokens that you can buy for $20 at the bar. These details make using the machine a more interesting experience for patrons.

You may not be aware, but the very first Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine was unveiled back in 2013, however, those were only available in limited quantities, in very exclusive locations.

Moët Mini Champagne Vending Machines Arrive In Los Angeles
Champagne vending machine at Mama Lion.

A High Profile Treat

The concept first showed up in the U.S. at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas and vending machines have since shown up at some of Hollywood and the fashion world’s most high-profile celebrations. We’re talking the Golden Globe awards, amfAR Gala and Harper’s Bazaar Icons during NYFW.

But now folks in Los Angeles can see what all of the excitement is about. This is the town that makes the movies we love and they are always innovating.

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