Have you ever wondered what camera do famous youtubers use to vlog? We have the answers. Learn about one of the big vloggers below. When it comes to vlogging success stories, Mo Vlogs is surely toward the top of the list. Mo Vlogs is just a guy in his early 20s who decided to start a vlog about huge and crazy cars…and the rest is history. So who is Mo Vlogs?

But that history is important for aspiring vloggers who want to see how they can become famous and successful from making videos of their own. Let’s take a look at what we know

About Mo

Mo Vlogs 1
Mo Vlogs hit on a winning formula.

Mo Vlogs’ real name is Mohamed Beiraghdary. He has spent time in both England and Dubai, but does most of his vlogging out of Dubai.

Starting when he was 21, Mo began recording casual daily videos about his life, inspired by his previous work in a gaming channel.

Mo had a talent, not only for create vlog videos, but targeting the things that people were interested in seeing and sharing with their friends.

In this case, that was the crazy, tricked out cars and other vehicles that very rich people owned, which was easy to expand into the general lifestyles of the rich and the hijinks that rich people tried out.

Mo’s home of Dubai proved a particularly useful source of material for his vlog, and his videos began to hit a sweet spot for viewers.

Some of his videos that helped him achieve such international fame include “Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai!!!” and “Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Even in the World!!!” and “THE LUXURY DUBAI LIFESTYLE – BILLIONAIRE BOYS.” You get the idea.

It’s also worth noting that Mo Vlogs was a particularly industrious vlogger, uploading a video almost every single day, and always at the same time, which helped him keep his audience and increase interest about what today’s post would bring.

Mo Vlogs and Success

Mo Vlogs
Mo Vlogs is one of the most successful vloggers in the world: Here’s how.

So, how much does Mo Vlogs make to be considered one of the most successful vloggers of all time? Quite a lot.

It’s estimated that he gets around 2 million hits a day on his YouTube channel (obviously this number varies with the current tides of fame, but let’s use it as a measuring point).

All together, he may earn somewhere up to $2,700 per day from his vlog, which makes it a bit easier to see how famous vloggers can make a living from their videos, especially when they become popular.

What We Can Learn From Mo

Mo vlogs
Take a closer look at Mo Vlogs’ strengths.

All right, aspiring vloggers, here’s the deal: Mo Vlogs is an expert at using the resources around him to create compelling videos.

No, not all of us live in Dubai and hang around rich and famous people. And while that does help to create popular vlogging videos, there are many other kinds of resources you can use.

The encouraging thing about Mo is that most of his videos are usually just about friends and family hanging around. If you can find interesting locations and people near where you live, you may be able to create similar videos that capture the interest of viewers around the world.

We’ll also note that Mo’s vlog is particularly friendly to teens, a vital part of capturing the video market.

Cars, girls and rich lifestyles – it’s all idea material for getting those young viewers to subscribe and share.

You’ll also notice that his videos are very PG: There’s no cursing or violence or other iffy content. This makes videos safer for teens to watch, makes it much less likely that any of his videos will be banned, and helps satisfy any religious or moral requirements that viewers may have. Remember, sometimes it’s best to cast a large net!

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