Mission Workshop’s Arkiv Field Backpack is the LEGO of Bags (video)

Mission Workshop not only knows inclement weather – they reside in SF where it can be raining one second and sunny the next – but what it means to be versatile.  Last year we looked at their weather proof Sanction rucksack.  Suffice to say we we’re impressed with the quality, size and wide array of pockets.  However, there are times when we wished we had a bit more storage for our tools, cell phone, laptop and other kit.  Enter the Arkiv Field Backpack.

It would appear that Mission Workshop spared no expense or time when it came to developing this highly versatile bag.  At the core of this rucksack is a bag not much different from their Sanction offering.  But what makes the Arkiv different from any other, is the rail like system that allows you to add or remove different pouches and effectively pockets from the bag’s setup as you see fit.    Need a pouch to store your bike tools?  No problem, just pick up the $58 Tool Pocket.  Looking to keep your cell phone at hands reach?  Add on the Utility Cell Pocket for $28.  Other add on poches and pockets include a Vertical Rolltop Pocket for $48, Laptop Case for $86, and a Folio for $68.

The Arkiv and all it’s add-ons are all weather proof and boast urethane coated zippered pockets for added durability and waterproofing.  The Arkiv bag itself costs $209 in the small size (1200 cu inches) or $229 in large (2200 cu. inches).  All sizes come in  Black Cordura, Dark Gray Cordura, or Waxed Canvas.

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