Misfit’s Smart Bulb Mimics the Sunrise and Much More

Smart bulbs are hitting the market left and right, in a variety of colors and LED features. But Misfit’s Bolt smart bulb seems to combine all that has gone before, producing a bulb that does a little bit of everything and presents a powerful competitor for the smart household.

The design is pleasantly familiar, with an incandescent bulb shape and a traditional screw-in base that is designed to match many of the lamps and sockets you probably have around your house. But beneath that exterior is a collection of mini-bulbs that can create a vast array of different colors based on your preferences. And not just the primary blues and reds that you may already know – this smart bulb can give out an impressive number of shades, from muted pinks and greens to bright yellows, greens, violets, and all the colors in between.

Misfit intends these colors to be used in schedules and modes that you can create for yourself. Set one color for working, and one color for relaxing, and then switch between the two as you want. Create other modes for romance, parties, and more. You can even set a schedule for a sunrise simulation to help wake you up in the morning (although if you have windows, the real sunrise may also help with that) or at odd hours if you’ve got the late shift.

The wireless connectivity offers a few more benefits. First, there’s no hub, a boon in a market of smart devices that often need an extra device set up somewhere. Second, the smart bulb is compatible with other products like the Misfit Flash, a smartwatch-like device for fast control. On the phone, the bulb works with two primary devices, the Misfit App and the currently in-development Misfit Home App.

You can pre-order the bulb now, or wait for about a month until it starts shipping. Prices start at $49.99, but you may be better off buying the 3-bulb pack and the discount that it comes with.

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