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MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center Review

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The Minn Kota Power Center is a fantastic battery box for small to medium-sized batteries that retails at a more than fair price. There may be cheaper ones out there, but most of them won’t be as feature rich as the Minn Kota Motor Power Center Battery Box. Check out our best battery box list to see which battery box is right for you! If you like this battery, you’ll love our best portable phone charger reviews.

Why We Like It – MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

The Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center offers a lot of features in such a small box. You have easy access to your battery terminals so you can safely keep your batteries inside the box. The built-in battery meter alerts you if a battery is about to die, and if that’s not enough, it comes with a pair of 12-volt accessory plugs too!

  • Manual reset circuit breakers
  • Great for small to medium-sized batteries
  • Fair Price
  • Still not the “smartest” of battery boxes
  • Can’t fit large batteries
  • Not USCG Certified


The Power Center Minn Kota offers contains a built-in battery meter—a new feature added by them—that alerts you on a battery’s charge. For those of us who don’t keep track of used batteries this will help keep you on track. The Minn Kota also comes with manual reset circuit breakers which take care of the in-line fuses between the motor and the battery so all you need to do is connect the necessary terminals and close the lid. If you’re looking for something with smart features as well, check out the Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center. If you need a device that’ll charge your phone anywhere, then you need visit our Jackery Portable charger bar 6000 mAH review.


The Minn Kota Motor Power Center Battery Box has easy access to external battery terminals. This means the trolling motor leads and charger leads can be connected without opening the box. This is optimal for small boat, transom applications. It’s built sturdy, so you’ll never have to worry about it falling apart, and can carry group 24-27 size batteries. With larger batteries, you’re out of luck. Try the NOCO HM318BKS Snap Top Automotive Batteries if you require something that can carry a larger battery. Learn more about this product by reading our MOTOPOWER MP00205A automatic battery maintainer review.


The Minn Kota Motor Power Center Battery Box comes packaged with a pair of 12-volt accessory plugs. It retails on Amazon for $65.00 which may seem like a lot, but once you factor in all the features and the extra accessories you get you’ll realize it’s a pretty fair price. The biggest drawback is that it’s not USCG certified. So you’ll be taking a small gamble. If this is important to you, consider checking out the Camco Regular 55362 Battery Box Group.

MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center Wrap Up

The most troubling aspect of the Minn Kota Motor Power Center Battery Box is the lack of USCG certification. You’ll be taking a small gamble if you decide to purchase. But considering all the handy features it contains this gamble just might pay off splendidly. It’s also not great for larger batteries, but then again it wasn’t designed for that, so you can’t really hold it against Minn Kota.

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