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Minipresso Lets You Get The Perfect Cup Of Coffee, No Matter Where You Are (video)

We’ve covered portable, thermos-sized coffee machines before, but those were powered by electricity. Not everybody has, or wants, electricity on, say, a camping trip, or they’d rather not brew an entire pot of coffee just to get their java fix in the morning. If either of those describe you, the Minipresso is your cup of… well, coffee.

Caffeine Is Good

The Minipresso is a fairly self-contained espresso set up in a very simple design. First, take the cup off the top of the system. Then remove one end and insert coffee, whether you’re using a K-cup for your grounds or an actual cup of coffee. Add hot water to the other end; point the squirty end at your cup, pop out the piston, and start pumping. Yep, there really is nothing else to it; pump, squirt, and enjoy.

We could have phrased that better.

Express Espresso

It’s fairly simple, actually, in how it works. All those ridiculously elaborate espresso machines you see just pressurize water and fire it through coffee grounds, and that’s all the Minipresso does. The more you pump, the stronger the espresso. It’s especially impressive because it’s just seven inches long, weighs less than a pound, and needs just a quarter ounce of coffee.

Got Water? Got Coffee


What impresses us the most about the Minipresso is how tiny and contained it is. With its short length and simple design, it’s perfect for campers who just want a hot cup of coffee in the morning, without the attendant problems, and it’s also great for those with limited space for coffee. You can put this in your desk at work, toss it in your car for those long trips, or put it in your apartment for coffee by the cup. And at $40 for a pre-order price, it’s easy on the wallet, as well.

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