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Holden Ford works for the FBI, particularly with hostage situations. He also teaches students about his work. He is curious to find new methods that will help him know criminals better. He will run into some murders that relate to true events. This is a crime series from our best shows on Netflix.

Why We Like It – Mindhunter Review

In Mindhunter, FBI agent Holden Ford tries to learn the behavioral science behind a criminals’ mind. He teaches his students to devise better paths for de-escalations between authorities and those mentally ill. In this series, every murder will be evaluated by these FBI agents to find the true motives for killers around the United States.

  • Gorey Scenes
  • Taps inside the mind of the criminal
  • Expect more dialogue than action


Jonathan Groff stars as Holden Ford. He fits every description of the feds; he is awkward, he doesn’t like to dance much, and he often stands out like a sore thumb. Holt McCallany stars as Holden’s FBI partner Bill Tench. Together these two FBI agents will take on criminal cases using their abilities to try and think ahead of criminals. Other great duos worth a watch are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. Expect to see intense standoffs between Holden and serial killers through many locations across the United States.


This series was produced by David Fincher. The series shows the FBI going through training often. The show mentions theories on the origins of the criminal mind, so don’t be surprised if you learn a little something while watching. The show will feature stories from real serial killers like the BTK killer, Ed Kemper (played by Cameron Britton), and events like the Atlanta child murders. After this bloody mess, feel free to switch genres, and please try an animated comedy like Big Mouth, a cartoon about kids going through puberty.


During the first season of Mindhunter, expect to see some brutal situations that don’t go as planned. This adaptation from John Douglas’ book will have you hooked by the first two episodes. When you catch up to the second season, you will see these two FBI agents with more knowledge and new tactics to catch perps with help from their consultant Wendy Carr.

Mindhunter Review Wrap Up

This show has a good amount of bloody and gory scenes, so if you were looking for something to watch with the kids on Netflix, Avatar: The Last Airbender will be a better choice for you. Expect to see these Mindhunter seasons be filled with tragic accidents and many unanswered questions. We must thank writer Joe Penhall for putting this series together. Season one is already all over the map, and season two features real-life murderers. Watch and see if the FBI agents catch the perp.

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