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Milkshake Mixer vs Blender

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If you’re a milkshake lover wanting to make milkshakes like the local ice cream shop, then you’ve probably already considered the best blender. That said, the local ice cream parlor probably uses a milkshake machine to mix up your favorite ice cream flavor. So if you’re craving the perfect milkshake but need to know about milkshake mixer vs. blender, we’ve got you covered.


  • A conventional blender uses an electric motor to blend a wide range of ingredients inside a blender jar.
  • A milkshake mixer is typically made of stainless steel and specializes in making milkshakes.
  • Blenders are a much more versatile kitchen tool, but milkshake mixers excel at making shakes.

Milkshake Mixer vs Blender Compared

Searching for the right product to make milkshakes can seem complicated. A milkshake mixer seems like an obvious choice, but what if your cooking goals include other types of recipes? Consider a liquidiser or blender if you plan on adding anything solid to your future shakes.

Explaining Blenders

The conventional blender, also known as a traditional blender, is made up of many components. A kitchen blender usually includes an electric motor within the base. The blender’s motor rotates the sharp stainless steel blades within the glass or plastic container to mix liquid or solid food. If you simply want to add ingredients to a milkshake, consider a mortar and pestle instead of a blender. However, if you need a device to make your own fresh ground spices, check out the benefits of a grinder vs blender.

Insider Tip

Go with a blender over a milkshake mixer if you plan on making anything that requires solid ingredients.

Benefits of Blenders

A countertop blender may be the most versatile kitchen appliance, which is why they’re a mainstay of commercial kitchens. High-end blenders can handle anything from mixing pieces of fruit to basic meal prep chores. Blenders with powerful motors, preset programs, and numerous settings are standard in regular blenders.

Drawbacks of Blenders

Blenders are big and require a lot of room. Expensive versions may be massive, taking up much space on your counter. Furthermore, some blender blades are incapable of making frothy milkshakes compared to milkshake mixers.

Explaining Milkshake Mixer

A milkshake mixer is a drink mixer. A classic milkshake maker is usually made of stainless steel. They have a powerful motor that helps mix the milkshake ingredients in a large metal cup. Stainless steel electric milkshake makers keep everything cold and keep your milkshakes from getting runny. So if you want a blender, you’ll want to read our best blender with a glass jar list.

Benefits of Milkshake Mixer

The main benefit of a milkshake mixer is safety. Milkshake makers, unlike regular blenders, do not use blades, so no need to worry when the kids want to mix up a frozen drink. In addition, a milkshake machine’s motor can keep your homemade milkshakes colder and can get the ice cream blending process done more quickly than a regular blender.

Drawbacks of Milkshake Mixer

While a milkshake machine is excellent at producing a creamy drink or waffle batter, it cannot crush ice cubes for fruit smoothies. In addition, a milkshake mixer is a limited-use kitchen appliance compared to a professional blender. Anything other than mixing things like ice cream, peanut butter, or soft fruit will be outside the capabilities of a milkshake maker.

Which is Better?

If your only concern is making a delicious milkshake, then go with a milkshake mixer. That said, some blenders are more than equipped to make your favorite milkshake a reality. In addition, traditional blenders have a much higher blending speed than milkshake makers. Also, some high-powered blenders might have a metal jar to keep frothy milkshakes cold for longer. And if you like to make milkshakes and other frozen treats, be sure to check out our guide on the top blenders for frozen drinks.


Never reach inside a blender to clear an ice jam. Instead, use a blender stick or metal rod to shift ingredients around in your blender jar.


How do I thicken a thin milkshake?

To thicken a thinner shake, add some ice or more ice cream. Heavy cream will work in a pinch.

What’s the difference between a smoothie and a milkshake?

While a smoothie can have dairy, they usually have fruits or vegetables as the main ingredient. Milkshakes are primarily dairy-based, but they can contain milk substitutes.

Can I use a milkshake maker for drinks that aren’t milkshakes?

While it depends on the model milkshake maker you have, most can mix up batters and butter.

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