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Mighty Mug Will Never Fall And Spill

We’ve all done it…spill a drink all over our desk at work or at home, ruining papers and even our devices like smartphones and computers. If you’re pretty accident prone, you definitely need the Mighty Mug, which will never tip over and spill its contents! The Kickstarter campaign for the mug is powered by Smartgrip technology, which makes it a smarter mug you’ll want to have around your valuable gadgets Even if you try to knock it over, the Might Mug’s Smartgrip base provides a powerful airlock once it’s placed down so it can’t tip over.

But that airlock will automatically release when you want a sip. And the best part is that there’s no button to push or levers to pull to get the cool mug to work – and there’s no suction cup or magnet needed to hold it down. The Mighty Mug will grip to any smooth, flat, solid surface like most tables and desks. It’s BPA free and and comes in either a 12oz or 20oz bottle. Quit dropping stuff all over your desk with the Might Mug, which can be yours if you pledge $20 or more!


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