Microsoft’s Pix is Better than the Old iOS Camera App

Speaking of cameras, read our Most Important Entry-Level DSLR Camera Features. Lately, we’ve talked about new digital cameras, cameras extensions for smartphones, DSLR tech – and you may be sitting there, wondering, “Can’t I just take photos with my smartphone camera like I used to?”

Yes, you can, and thanks to this new app, you can even take pictures that can rival some of the best point and shoot cameras on the market in 2016. The app’s name is Pix, and it’s making the old iOS camera app look obsolete.

So, what does Pix do differently? This Microsoft app (yep, a Microsoft app revolutionizing iOS devices) tries to make shooting extra easy. It does a ton of work behind the scenes with things like AI algorithms that take a look at lighting, recognize faces or pets, track motion, and take a quite burst of photos before letting you select the best one. On your side, you tap a single button. This makes the app ideal for those who want to save time but still take good photos – and who don’t really care to mess with Instagram filters for five minutes beforehand.

Pix Live Image
Pix snaps bursts of photos that you can use as mini videos.

That’s not to say there are no customization features in Pix at all. On the contrary, once you choose the photo from the burst that you like the best, you can run it through a host of improvements, from brightening faces to softening skin tone. The result is an image that automatically fixes a lot of problems with photos – awkward shadows, shaking, poor color, etc. – and lets you improve the quality of the photo itself rather than just picking a filter to put on it.

The app can also handle video and can even make GIF-ready loops out of its burst photography if you want to capture a particularly fun moment, what the app calls “live images.” It also includes video stabilization technology to make sure that your live capture isn’t too shaky.

So, why did Microsoft create this iOS-beating app…and then release to iOS for free? Probably to show off new technology and get some name recognition over on rival devices. It looks like a clear success too…which means the next version of Pix may not be so free-to-play. Download it now to test out the free version and see if it really lives up to expectations.

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