Microsoft Surface To Appear At Home Sooner Then Later

Microsoft Surface
According to, we might see a consumer level Microsoft Surface sooner then later. If you recall, the touch screen tables were announced last year to a lot of hype. In my opinion, that’s just what they are. Come on! We were just scratching the surface (pun intended) with touch screens back then. Now that we’ve got the iPhone and a barrage of other touch screen devices, is it really that impressive that someone has jammed a computer and some touchpoints onto a screen, and boxed and wrapped it in a 70s esque video game table (remember when you’d stare down at Pacman). Anyway, the consumer, or home Surface wasn’t due for another 5 years. Now Steve Ballmer wants to speed that up, but we still don’t know an exact date for release. Currently, Microsoft still has to deliver the promised Surfaces to hotels, casino, etc, which they’re behind on.

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