Microsoft Now Clearing Out Surface 2 Tablet at $280 (Updated)

Update 8/22/14: Price dropped by another $20 for the 32GB model and $10 for the 64GB model. Links below.

While the big buzz in the tablet world centers around Microsoft’s “laptop replacing” Surface Pro 3, we’re not even a year off the October 22, 2013 release date of the Microsoft Surface 2, and Microsoft is already proceeding to unload their factory refurbished models.

Remember when we wrote about the original Surface selling at dirt cheap prices – as low as $169? Now we’re getting a similar deep price cut with the Surface 2. Back then you’d pay $449 for a Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 RT tablet, but this week Microsoft’s affiliate seller “manufacturer_certified” is offloading the Surface 2 on its eBay page with a huge $150 discount. Granted, these are manufacturer refurbished units, but they do come with a healthy 1 year warranty:

These Surface 2s are in refurbished condition, but as mentioned, work was done by Microsoft and comes with a 1 year warranty. Act fast, because these Surface deals are set to expire on Friday, August 15th at 8am Pacific.

Are you searching for a powerful tablet or a full-on laptop replacement? The latest Surface Pro 3 is rocking the latest Core i processors, has a 12-inch screen, and at least a 64GB SSD. It’s a better machine with mid-range laptop specs, but with a minimum cost of $799 ($500 more). If all you need is just a high-end tablet that can do Microsoft Word, surf the web, and do basic computing tasks, the Surface 2 at $299 is a lot more bang for your buck.

If you want to compare it to the previous generation, you’ll be getting a higher resolution screen, faster processor, and plenty more power. All in all, if you’re serious about using a tablet as your main computing device, the Surface 2 will be a much better decision than the Surface 1.

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