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Despite its native 720P without third-party support, the Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business is still able to produce sharp, clean, and autofocused images thanks to its TrueColor Technology. It can even rotate 360 degrees for better positioning when needed. If you’re looking for a best webcam for streaming or a best webcam for youtube, you should consider the Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business.

Why We Like It – Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio For Business is an inexpensive, high-end alternative to the Logitech-dominant webcam market. It features high-end video quality for clear images, a 75 degree field of vision for better privacy, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery so you won’t need to buy a new webcam anytime soon.

  • Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Autofocus
  • Sharp, Vivid Images and Videos
  • Requires Third-Party Support for HD Video
  • Doesn’t Fit Most Computers

Image Quality

Out of the box, the Microsoft LifeCam caps picture at video quality at 720P. This doesn’t mean it’s incapable of achieving 1080P, you’ll just need to use third-party webcam software like Cyberlink’s YouCam to achieve it. 720P is great for chatting with friends, but you’ll probably need something more powerful if you need to stream to YouTube. In that regard, consider the Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam.

Ease of Use

With a 75 Degree field of view, the camera does provide some nice wiggle room if adjustment is needed. This 75 Degree field of view is ideal because 90 degrees, such as on the Logitech C930e, would capture far too much and show off much more of your space and personal data than you probably want. The camera also features high-performance optics, such as autofocus and a high-precision glass lens, that automatically adjusts for optimal viewing so you don’t have to.

Battery Life

The Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business comes with one Lithium-Ion Battery that should be good for two to three years or around 300 to 500 charges. Whichever comes first. That’s the going rate for Lithium-Ion batteries, but that can be extended if you don’t use it that often. After the battery starts to drain you can continue to use the webcam, or can buy a new one. The way technology is going there will probably be huge advancements in two to three years.


The camera on the Microsoft LifeCam Studio rotates freely up to 360 degrees, which is great if you need it for specific positioning. However, the mount doesn’t really fit snugly enough onto your laptop or desktop computer to stay still, or attached, during movement. You’ll have to use both hands, then, if you need to reposition. For something more durable, check out the Razer Kiyo Webcam.


Despite the 720P video quality mentioned previously, the Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business still produces sharp, vivid images thanks to its TrueColor Technology. Even in low light situations the camera performed admirably. The microphone is good too and can reproduce your vocals clearly and warmly. However, it can pick up noise from other sources quite easily too.

Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business Wrap Up

The name of the game with the Microsoft Lifecam Studio For Business is one step forward and one step back. It can rotate 360 Degrees, but needs two hands to do it. It can stream in 1080P, but requires third-party support. Still, it can produce high-quality images and videos, and if you know where it needs to be and are never going to move it then it’s a great, inexpensive choice.

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