Micro Four Thirds vs DSLR

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Updated December 29, 2022

When you’re researching the best digital camera, you’ll find that other types will also pop up. This means you’ll have to compare the best DSLR camera to these different types so you can ensure you get the best possible fit. Today, we’re comparing a micro four-thirds vs a DSLR camera.


  • The first point of comparison comes down to physical size. This is decided by a few factors, like optical viewfinder size, but at the end of the day, M43 cameras are much smaller.
  • After that, we looked at the available interchangeable lenses. While both camera styles allow for lens changing, the M43 camera has lighter, cheaper lenses available.
  • Finally, we looked into the depth of field. You’ll find a more shallow depth of field with M43 cameras as opposed to DSLRs. For deep depth, always go with a DSLR.

Comparing a DSLR vs Micro 4/3 Camera

There are quite a few differences between the two styles of camera. From sensor size to dynamic range levels, you’ll quickly notice that they differ more than they are similar. Let’s review a few of the most important differences so you can better decide which option suits your lifestyle and needs. Otherwise, you can compare mirrorless vs.DSLR for wildlife photography.

Insider Tip

Micro four-third cameras are more compact than an APS-C sensor DSLR.

Physical Size

When it comes to size, M43 bodies are considerably smaller. This makes carrying them around less of a chore and allows photographers to manage multiple cameras better. Because of this, they win this round. DSLRs are a bit larger and quite clunky in comparison. Try looking into a film camera vs. a DSLR for another exciting comparison.

Interchangeable Lenses

Both M43 cameras and digital cameras have interchangeable lenses. However, there are some critical differences between the selections they are compatible with. You’ll find that the lenses for M43 cameras tend to be lighter and cost less, while DSLR options tend to be bulkier. For this reason, M43 cameras come out on top in this round. For more information, try asking, “What are the different focus types on a digital camera?”


The depth of field you get with a DSLR differs from what you can get with an M43, so research them well before you buy to ensure it’s what you want.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is more prominently associated with digital photography. You’ll find that a DSLR will give you far better depth of field than M43 bodies will. If this makes you want to go with a DSLR model, you should know a few things. For example, learning how to set up a DSLR camera will be helpful.

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Micro Four Thirds vs. DSLR FAQs

What are mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless cameras are a style of camera that doesn’t use a reflex mirror. Instead, light is allowed to pass through the lens directly to the camera’s digital sensor.

Is a full-frame camera worth investing in?

If you’re looking for a shallower depth of field, then you’ll want to go with a full-frame camera. Unlike crop sensor cameras, they allow you to get that nice, shallow depth you’re looking for.

What are electronic viewfinders?

These are also known as “EVFs,” and are found on mirrorless cameras. These little glass panes on your camera allow you to see the picture you are about to take.

What are APS-C sensors?

An APS-C sensor is a crop sensor used in digital photography. This means that tis’ cheaper and easier to travel with than a camera with a full-frame sensor.
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