Micargi Cyclone Review

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Updated February 24, 2023
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What better way to enjoy the beaches than with allegedly the best electric bike inspired by the beach cruisers of the 70s? The Micargi Cyclone is ripped straight from the past, equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery and a 300W motor. It’s a combination that has made us reconsider the best electric beach cruiser bike.

Why We Like It – Micargi Cyclone

Ride through your favorite beaches and social spots like it’s the 1970s again with the Micargi Cyclone—but this time it’s fitted with a 300W motor, fat tires, and a modern lithium-ion battery.

  • Fat tires are excellent on sand
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Stylish design
  • 300W motor
  • Overpriced

Durability & Build Quality

Unlike the NAKTO fat tire ebike, the Micargi Cyclone is built with strong hi-ten steel. After all, as a stretch cruiser, it needs to be tough to handle weight and terrain across its much longer frame. Further down, you’ll see a triple tree fork alloy crown with hi-ten steel chrome legs. It’s 83 pounds of metal, fitted with comfortable seating, just like the Pedego Comfort Cruiser electric beach bike.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Micargi Cyclone Electric Fat Tire Beach Cruiser isn’t breaking records with its top speeds. It hovers around 15mph, sometimes a little more, and that’s because of its 300W motor. For $1650, having a 500W or, better yet, a 750W motor would have been deserved. But for a bike with a speed of 32 km/h, read the Merax 26 electric mountain bike review.

Range & Battery

The battery does a little better in regard to performance. Its Panasonic lithium 48V/11.6Ah can help you travel over 40 miles on a single charge, which makes it one of the high-performance ebikes concerning distance. And with pedal assist, you can squeeze a little more. The IZIP E3 does just slightly better in this regard, due to its more powerful motor. If you want a three-wheel electric scooter for commuting, check out our Mototec electric trike review.

Safety Features

Like many before it, the cruiser bike Micargi Cyclone isn’t forward-thinking in the safety department. You get access to a front and rear headlight, which produces enough light for an afternoon stroll. A heavy-duty lock is tossed in with your order. Unfortunately, it’s the same with the ANCHEER e-bike.


The Micargi Cyclone feels bare bones—because it is. Quite frankly, it doesn’t perform as well as other e-bikes in its category to deserve such an overblown price. There are electric bikes half the price performing the same standards, though not as stylish, and it is cheaper than the $2750 Raleigh Retroglide IE. Unfortunately, being stylish doesn’t warrant better performance. If performance is your concern, get the Juiced City Scrambler.

Micargi Cyclone Wrap Up

Style can’t make up for the Micargi Cyclone’s price; performance needs to be more important. For the price you pay, a dinky 300W motor isn’t enough. It’s also odd considering how well its tires perform on and off the road—especially in sand. When it comes down in price, then it’ll be time to revisit.

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