Mercer Culinary Millennia Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Whether it’s a bread knife, a kitchen knife or even a utility knife that you need to get, among the things you’ll consider is stuff like strength, durability, ease of use and of course its ability to keep an edge. The Mercer Culinary Millennia chef knife checks all these boxes thanks to its high carbon Japanese steel blade as well as it’s ergonomic handle. As a brand that is well known as a supplier of cutlery to dozens of top tier culinary institutions across the Americas, you can bet that their kitchen knives set a high standard that lots of competitors strive to adhere to. This is why we think you should turn to them if you’re looking for the best chef knife you can get in 2021. If you want a knife block that can handle this knife and more, take a look at these MAG stickers, magnetic knife sticker that lets you stick your knives anywhere. You may also check our list of the best survival knives so you can learn about other options available.

Why We Like It – Mercer Cullinary Millenia

Out of the Mercer Culinary knife set, it is the 8-inch chef knife that we think people will get the most joy in using. The stainless steel Mercer knife comes with a handle that has textured finger points for good grip, and a very sharp edge for cutting and slicing with the least effort. If you want to compare this with another good grip stainless chromium steel set, the Stelton black knives are surely Dexter’s kill weapon, if not, he’s missing out.

  • Textured finger points for good grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Japanese steel blade which is easy to sharpen
  • Lightweight, may need more force to use

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The biggest advantage you get from a carbon steel knife like this one or that of the Shun Classic 10-inch is that it’s steel blade is very easy to sharpen and maintain, after which it stays ready to use for a long time. Mishandle this 8-inch Mercer Millennia knife and you’ll most likely get a cut that you’ll have to rush to the doctor to get stitched. To keep it that sharp, it’s recommended that you use a wooden cutting board instead of plastic or even rubber.


Just like the Mac Knife Hollow Edge 10-inch, this Mercer knife also happens to be a stamped blade, meaning it gets cut from a large sheet of steel before getting turned into a knife. This is great because it’s much easier to sharpen, and it’s textured finger points offer a good firm grip that gives you greater control whenever you’re using it. Once you’re done though, it’s best that you store it in a knife block. It’s not really the best knife to have lying around especially if you live with children.


As with many things, this 8-inch knife also has its pros and cons. Compared to a German steel knife like the Wusthof Ikon 8-inch, this knife will keep a sharp edge much longer, but the Japanese steel blade isn’t nearly as durable as its counterpart. Like most Mercer knives though, this 8-inch chef knife is also NSF certified, which means that it is of high quality and meets their safety and performance standards. This certification is also among the reasons why you’ll find a lot of positive customer reviews about it.

Mercer Cullinary Millenia Wrap Up

Chances are very hgh that once you get the 8-inch Mercer Culinary Millennia knife, you’ll go back to the store to look for the whole knife set. This is just how good these knives are made. They’re also not that expensive to get, and they’ll make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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