Memomate Is A Ewriter, Tablet, And Power Bank

Before you look at the best tablet floor stands, you need a good tablet. Check this out.

I love gadgets that are several devices in one. These kinds of gadgets make multitasking easier. Plus it helps to lighten our load when we travel. It’s always best to carry a few devices rather than an entire backpack full. That is what makes the best tablet computer.

Artists are Going To Love This

This is probably why I like Memomate so much. It seems like a great gadget that fits this category. Memomate is an Ewriter, a tablet, and a power bank all in one. Definitely not the best tablet for babies, but great for adults.

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The 10,000 mah power bank is handy because obviously, you can keep your phone and other devices charged while on the go. Sure, you probably have a power bank already, but is yours also an Ewriter and a tablet? I didn’t think so. That means this power bank takes up zero extra space. That’s a big win in my book.

The Ewriter has an E-Paper screen and allows you to capture your inspiration when it comes to you. Draw art and doodle to your heart’s content. Save your ideas and record your thoughts when they occur to you. This Ewriter promises a great writing experience for any creative user.

You can even write while you are charging a device with the power bank. Do you see why I love these multi-function devices?

With Memomate you can save your work to the cloud easily. All you have to do is take a picture of your Memomate work and upload it to places like Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox and more. Plus, you can manage and share your work on Memomate on your phone or iPad. Be creative and share.

You can endlessly use this tablet because the handy delete feature deletes whatever you want. If you want it all deleted, then get rid of it. You’ll always be able to use it.

Memomate Is A Ewriter, Tablet, And Power Bank
Memomate is handy for creative people.

Be creative and Get Your Ideas Down

The Memomate’s pen promises accurate pressure sensing. There is no charging necessary.

Memomate looks to be a very handy device for artists or anyone who is inspired and needs to get things down quick.

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