Meifigno Selfie Ring Light Review

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Updated July 18, 2022
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You won’t always have access to bright, natural lighting on a clear day or enough fill lighting, so you should have the best selfie light for the job. Pair it with the finest small digital camera case and you’re set. Plus, the Meifigno Selfie Ring Light could be your savior. By attaching it to your phone, you’ll have practical lighting available on hand to take great photos or videos.

Why We Like It – Meifigno Selfie Ring Light Review

To take a great selfie, you need good lighting—and the Meifigno Selfie Ring Light does just that with its powerful LED lights while also being compact and portable.

  • 36 LED bulbs offer bright lighting
  • Compact design
  • Really cheap
  • Part of the ring covers your phone
  • Battery could be better


Just like the XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on selfie light, most of the performance of the Meifigno Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light comes from the 36 LED bulbs, making it much brighter than other LED selfie lights. However, the selfie light does come with adjustable brightness. There are three brightness levels to cycle through for capturing the best selfie photos if one of the three light settings isn’t to your liking.

With how powerful this selfie light ring is, its battery does suffer. You’ll get anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour of runtime, depending on the light modes you’re using. That’s common among selfie ring lights, but it is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery and USB cable. When you upgrade to a larger more reliable selfie light, also pick up the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 camera to take excellent pictures.


The clip-on design that was used is good, but not great. For starters, it clips to cell phones, tablets, and computers (laptops and desktops). It’s very versatile in that manner, which opens it up for use in, say, a personal studio or perhaps a YouTube channel. It’s definitely bright enough for a budget studio item.

But its circular design does get in the way when used on a device that includes a camera. When you take pictures, part of the clip blocks your face so you’ll often guess it’s a good shot until you see the results. This design flaw is shared with the Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light. If that will bother you, consider the UBeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light or Aptoyu 8” LED Selfie Ring Light.


For a rather powerful rechargeable selfie, at the price Meifigno is asking for, you’re getting a decent deal here. A common problem with selfie lights is brightness. More often than not you’ll find one that lasts long, but never gets quite bright enough. The Meifigno Selfie Ring Light fixes that, but at the cost of battery life. On the flip-side, it’s rechargeable and you get a USB cord to charge it on a computer or with your own wall charger. This LED selfie phone camera ring light is the perfect gift in the right hands, especially if that someone is interested in photography. With how cheap it is, it’ll go nicely with a cheap phone holder.

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light Review Wrap Up

When you need a light source on the go, the Meifigno Selfie Ring Light is there. It’s compact, powerful, and costs very little. It’s even powerful enough to stick to a phone holder and have your own personal studio lighting if you shoot vlogs and such, like your own Qiaya Selfie Ring Light. As long as you can look past its short battery and annoying design flaw, the Meifigno Selfie Right Light is a solid purchase.

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