The best laptops all require power. This one gets power from the sun.

One of the problems of modern computing is power. While computers have become more and more power-efficient, charging a laptop in the middle of, say, Ghana where there’s no electrical infrastructure is a pretty serious problem. The solution? Come up with a rugged, cheap laptop powered by the sun. And it’s not science fiction; It’s being built as we speak.

True, Sol will not impress anybody under the hood, as it was built for costs instead of speed. The 1.86 Ghz dual-core processor, an Intel Atom, is only OK, it’s got 320GB of space, and it’s rocking 2 to 4GB of RAM. The display, the inputs and outputs, they’re all pretty standard, although this does come with a cellular modem, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0 built in as well as standard WiFi. Oh, and needless to say, the software is all Ubuntu and open-source, since that’s free. In other words, about what you’d expect from a $300 computer.

On the other hand, this doesn’t exist to render Pixar movies, and the low specs help to keep the costs down. What’s really impressive is the outside.

First of all, Sol is rugged; the idea is that this thing will take a beating and keep on working, which is an extremely rare feature at this price point and usually reserved for vanity gear. And then there’s the feature it was named after: The solar panels that unfold from the back of the computer. Two hours in the sun means eight to ten hours of uninterrupted computing. Which, in turn, solves a lot of the infrastructure problems involved in bringing computers to places such as the Third World.

In short, if you’re camping or roughing it for other reasons, Sol is perfect and will help bring computing power to places that need it. Oh, and it comes in colors, as well.


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Christen Costa

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    1. Awesome – exactly what I am looking for for ALL my wants/needs! I have a LOT of computer experience – Always helping friends & family with their computers!

      Please tell me the steps required in purchasing one from you. Thanks! Nancy Lawson

  1. Besides, aliens visiting our planet need an easy access to everything digital knowledge here and probably don’t have a compatible energy system, so they would prefer Sol over only battery operated laptops. I’ll tell them to visit you, Dan Seitz, to buy a Sol from you, if that’s OK? The aliens are always in a hurry, so maybe it’s easier to deliver one Sol directly from where I live, and then I’ll let the aliens beam it up. I guess they will beam down a lot of jewels or gold to pay for one Sol, you know. We divide the profit equal, then. In a little less than three years I think they will hover over my place again. I calculated that from an earlier visit in the second half of February 2008 (I don’t have the exact date, I’m sorry) in about the same area, when I wasn’t there, and a later visit with a very similar craft over my backyard at 16.15 pm, May 19, 2014. So my guess is the aliens will be back in the area about August 10-12, 2020. You and your family are welcome stay for free in my house in then. This is serious, not a joke, not a rip-off… and I’m completely normal!

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