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Meet EcoSwitch, The Touchscreen Hot Plate

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If you live in a small, crappy apartment, or a college dorm, you probably have a hot plate. And it’s probably terrible; most hot plates are. But what if they could be redesigned, from the ground up, to be safer and smarter? That’s the idea behind EcoSwitch.

A Smartplate In Your Kitchen

The EcoSwitch was developed by Frog Design and GE, and it’s already a clever idea because it’s an induction stove. Instead of relying on electrical resistance or worse, propane or other flammable gases, this will be a lot safer, and that’s good news if you’ve got a small space. But that’s just the start of the good ideas.

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The next step is the custom items that come with the hot plate. There are four; the kettle, blender, slow cooker, and coffee maker. Each has an RFID tag embedded in it. You just place the item on the burner and a touchscreen on the hotplate immediately lights up, offering you options depending on the item you’ve chosen.

It’s good both for people who are learning to cook, and learning to cook is a valuable skill to have when you’ve only got a hot plate to work with, and for people who just want to configure the thing and leave it. That’s especially useful for slow cookers, as, well, slow cooking can be hard to properly pull off.

A Stunning Stove

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Plus, if that’s not good enough for you, they’re fairly stunning-looking, all chrome and black and glass. Really, if you have to have something like this, it should be as attractive as possible. And since it comes with the stuff you need, it cuts down heavily on the clutter. Of course, we won’t be seeing this just yet; it’s still a concept. But it’s nice to see the future of cooking food is going to be pretty, if nothing else.

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