MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 In-Ear Headphones Review

Normally, when reviewing headphones, the only things I need to consider are sound quality and comfort. When MEElectronics rolled out their new Sport-Fi S6 headphones designed specifically for fitness, the main thing I needed to consider is what they added to my workout experience. That being said, I put on the included armband, hopped on my bicycle and headed for a trip around the city. Tucking my MP3 player in and clipping the wire to my shirt to keep it out of the way, I was instantly glad I did.

The thing about in-ear headphones is that a comfortable fit is a much bigger deal than with larger models. For this reason I tend to be much more critical of in-ear models, but the Sport-Fi S6 fit right in, without stretching out my ear or falling out when I turned my head, and before I played a single note over them, I was extremely impressed. If the shape of the earbud isn’t secure enough, there is a length of “memory wire” at the end of each cord leading to the earphones which can be bent and will hold its place, allowing you to hook them around the top and back of the ears.

Once it was time to get the music going and build up a sweat, I was really blown away by how well these little speakers performed. The highs and the treble were crystal clear without being overly tinny, I could hear every word and instrument. The lows had a definite punch to them as well, allowing me to get really into my workout mix and push hard using the energy of the music. Neither of the two drowned each other out, either. The mixture of the clear highs and the booming lows created a listening experience that I enjoyed and wasn’t too different from more expensive, larger headphones.

Where the sacrifice comes into play is the mids. Certain aspects of the songs I listened to seemed to be drowned out by the louder extremes of the spectrum. The difference was not terribly noticeable, so if all you’re looking for is something to jam out with while exercising, these are going to do the job and have the power needed to stand up to competitors. Still, the discerning ear will notice the difference, and so it is worth mentioning here.

Aside from the minor performance issues, these headphones have no other glaring weaknesses. They come with an extra extension cord, also with a shirt clip attached, so if extra cord length is needed, no other accessories need to be purchased. The thing I love most about this set is that if you’re looking for something to listen to music with while you work out, you can buy this package and get all the accessories included. The travel pouch, the armband, everything comes with the headphones, not sold separately.

Bottom Line: The MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 Headphones may not have all the bells and whistles that are becoming more and more standard with headphones, but what the package does offer makes them a completely valid purchase. In addition to coming with anything you’ll need to accompany you on a workout, most importantly the S6 has powerful, effective sound and comfort that is so necessary when it comes to buying in-ear headphones.

Editor’s Rating




  • Flat-backed earbuds with memory wire both fit comfortably and securely, making sure they’re not likely to pop out no matter how hard you work out
  • Set comes complete with carrying pouch, neoprene armband holder for phone or media player, extension cable, and several replacement rubber ear attachments
  • Sound quality provides clear highs for inspirational lyrics, and thumping lows to energize and power through any activity


  • Mids get drowned out by the performance of the highs and lows, not greatly affecting sound quality, but letting some details slip through
  • 20 inch cable may be too short for some body types, and using 25 inch extension cord may be too droopy and long for certain aerobics or gym workouts
  • No volume controls or call-answering remote on the wire. Not a necessity, but becoming more commonplace on similar models

The MEElectronics Spot-Fi S6 Headphones are available direct from MEElectronics for $49.99.

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